Hello Everyone,

I've been here a while, like to reintroduce myself from time to time.

Am a Med/Surg/Tele nurse originally (back in 97), nowadays doing Subacute Rehab. Lotsa knees, hips, pneumonia, CVAs, etc.

Took the Nurse Entrepreneur route early on, started a site called the Nursefriendly.http://www.nursefriendly.com

Was frustrated as a student that it took forever to find what I needed online. Decided to put resources where people could find them easily. I haven't gotten rich of my website, but it does help with the bills and pays for itself.

Have worked agency, raised my daughter and ran my business for the past decade. Would be happy to compare notes with anyone looking to start a business of their own. Run a free directory of nurse-owned websites, http://www.nursingentrepreneurs.com and http://www.legalnursingconsultant.com

They are handy directories for nurses looking for career alternatives. It's interesting to "see what is out there."

Any questions drop me a line. I'm incorporated, run a payroll, pay taxes and the works. While I'm not an expert, I can answer most business related question.

Feel free to pick my brain.

I'm very much into Twitter, Facebook, etc. Feel free to connect with me on any site.

Best wishes,

Andrew Lopez, RN