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NewNancy Banfield Johnson, MSN, RN, ANP, Nurse Mentor Nancy, @NurseMentorNanc:"On my blog and in my presentations, I give strategies to bedside nurses gain confidence, respect and prevent burnout. I published my first book 10/2012, "Catching Critical Changes, Six Essential Steps for Effective Nursing Assessment."
10 Morton Road
Van Etten, NY 14889
Phone number: 607-215-3951
E-mail Address: nancybanfieldjohnson@yahoo.com
Social Media:
Twitter: https://twitter.com/NurseMentorNanc
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/nancybanfieldjohnson.RN.MSN.ANP
LinkedIn: http://www.linkedin.com/profile/view?id=134020245&trk=tab_pro
Homepage Address: http://www.nancybanfieldjohnson.com/wordpress/

Age Discrimination Takes Its Toll by Paula Span, January 12, 2012, 12:07 pm:"Raise your hand if you’ve felt that people treat you with less respect or courtesy than others, that they act as if you’re not smart, that you get poorer service in stores and restaurants than others — in short, if you’ve felt discriminated against because of age, gender, ethnicity, income, disability, appearance, even marital status. A startling proportion of older people report that they’ve experienced discrimination: 63 percent, in a study recently published in Research on Aging. The most commonly cited cause? “Thirty percent report being mistreated because of their age,” said the lead author Ye Luo, a Clemson University sociologist. Perceived discrimination because of gender, race or ancestry, disabilities or appearance followed in smaller proportion"

Categories, related: Alzheimers DiseaseChronic IllnessesGender DiscriminationGeriatric AssociationsGeriatrics HumorGeriatrics NursesGeriatrics ResourcesHospice, End of Life CareLong Term Care (LTC)Vulnerable Adults
Carol J. Rhodes RN, LNC, Medical-Legal Remedies Inc (MLR):"Medical-Legal Remedies Inc (MLR) provides medical-legal Litigation Support Services for Legal Professionals that include Legal Nurse Consulting, Paralegal Litigation Support, a Medical Information Service called Virtual Legal Nurse and Medical Expert Referral Service for Attorneys, Insurance Companies, Hospital Risk Managers, Government, and Claims Management. MLR MLR's Paralegal Staff and Legal Nurse work together as a team to assist our legal clients with comprehensive medical-legal litigation issues and are committed to serve clients by offering our extensive experience and expertise to provide specialized high quality medical-legal litigation support services. By utilizing Medical-Legal Remedies Inc Paralegal/Legal Nurse Team allows the litigator to control costs and increase revenues while securing the competitive advantage with superior work products. So whether your firm or company needs a Paralegal, a Legal Nurse, or both - MLR will assist your firm or company with any medical-legal litigation case project."
Carol J. Rhodes RN, LNC
14286-19 Beach Blvd. #248
Jacksonville, FL 32250
(904) 223-3969
Carol@JaxLegalNurse.com or Carol@VirtualLegalNurse.com
LinkedIn: http://www.linkedin.com/pub/carol-j-rhodes/30/81b/685

National Gerontological Nursing Association (NGNA):"We are the first and only nursing specialty organization dedicated to helping you realize your full potential as a gerontological nurse. We are a growing, dynamic and dedicated group of professionals who share ideas and information that improve the quality of nursing care for our elderly.
National Gerontological Nursing Association (NGNA)
7794 Grow Drive
Pensacola, FL 32514
Tel:(850) 473-1174 or (800) 723-0560
Fax:(850) 484-8762
email: ngna@puetzamc.com

Mark Ballinger RN BSN Partners In CareNebraskaTemporary StaffingMedical-Surgical & Geriatrics

Dominique Ann Bernard, RN, BSN, Virginia Nurse Entrepreneurs:"My goal is to work from home. Currently I am employed in a psychiatric facility and I work part time in a geriatric setting. My interests are varied."

Tina Berkofsky, RN, CLNC, Florida Legal Nurse Consultants, Nursing Entrepreneurs


Folts, Mark, MSN, CNSMichigan

******************************************************Tracy McClelland, RN, MSN, Ycarte Health Career Center, Georgia Nursing Entrepreneurs:"Opening doors to the Nursing Profession is our primary concern. We are a nursing tutorial facility designed to assist our community by training healthcare professions with the most updated nursing information and training equipment. We focus on assisting individuals who want to advance in the healthcare profession, or begin with an entry level into healthcare. Our goal is to bring education to you in a comfortable non-threatening environment that allows for learning. Whether you are new to healthcare or desire to advance in this profession, we can provide you with the training you need."
Tracy McClelland, RN, MSN, Ycarte Health Career Center
North Pointe Plaza
1214 North Peterson Ave. Suite P
Douglas, GA 31533
Phone: (912) 384-8680
Fax: (912) 384-4390

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Mary Rosabell Higgins, BSN, Registered Nurse, M. R. Higgins & Associates Legal Nurse Consultants:"M. R. Higgins & Associates-Legal Nurse Consultants, a professional service company specializing in litigation review. Established in 1997, the company is headquartered in San Francisco, California.

Services include: comprehensive medical research; investigation of medical records to determine accuracy and or tampering; translation of medical terminology and deposition reports; and, interpretation of health science literature and documents. Consultation also comprises developing chronological summary reports from medical records.

Specialty Areas:
Ronald Parlee, LVNCalifornia:
Specialty Area: Geriatrics

Lynne Ploetz, R.N., C., B.S.N., CCMMinnesota Nursing EntrepreneursCare Management, Nurse Consultants, ConsultingPatient Advocacy
Adult Critical CareCommunity HealthGeriatrics

Angela M Rowe, RN, LNC, GCM, Senior Care Solutions, Alabama Nursing Entrepreneurs:"Senior Care Solutions provides Geriatric Care Management Services to aging adults and their families in Central Alabama. Our goal is to help seniors and disabled individuals to obtain the assistance they need to maintain safety, dignity, and quality of life. Senior Care Solutions provides advocacy, evaluation, education, and support services to seniors in Alabama."
3049 Lansdowne Drive
Montgomery Alabama 36111
Phone number: 334-834-9483
Fax number: 214-279-6602

Liz Sake, BSN, RN: Liz Sake & Associates: As Legal Nurse Consultants, we determine the merits of a medical malpractice case, review and translate medical records, chronicalize events, determine; damages/injuries, future health needs, causation and standards of care. An information discovery program through research of medical literature and the latest on-line information. We prepare written summaries and reports of medical records, research findings, and expert witness information. We identify and obtain expert witnesses as needed. Basically, we are here to make the med/mal attorney's life easier by synthesizing, sorting, and condensing medical information to be used as exhibits and for MD expert review.
Categories: Blood Banking

Case ManagementCritical CareExpert Witness Home HealthLegal Nurse ConsultantManaged CareOregon Legal Nurse ConsultantsRehabilitationhttp://www.nursingexperts.com/sake/
Stephanie Salings, RN,CRNAC, LNC
Kentucky NursesLegal Nurse ConsultantNurse EntrepreneurNursing Expert

Specialty Areas: GeriatricsHome Health

Terrell Sr. Steven, LPNIowa

Wells, Carla,RN BScN MN ETNewfoundlandCanada:
******************************************************Melissa Wogoman, RNOhioAmbulatoryHemodialysisICULegal Nurse ConsultantNursing Home

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AgingInfoUSA:"Sue Salach-Cutler has worked in the geriatric healthcare field for close to 20 years and is the Author of "Along Comes Grandpa", a caregiving resource guide, and the novel "If I Walked in Her Shoes" (http://www.AlongComesGrandpa.com). As a National Speaker, Sue utilizes her personal and professional experiences to educate and empower professionals on the work/life affects of caregiving. ;As CEO of AgingInfoUSA she partners with companies to evaluate the cost of employee caregiving on their bottom line and implement cost effective solutions. Sue was the 2010 recipient of the YWCA Marguerite Henry Leadership Award for Communications/Technology and the Influential Women in Business Award from the Business Ledger and NAWBO. AgingInfoUSA received the 2010 Excellence in Business Award from the Business Ledger and was nominated for the Chicago Innovation Award."
651 S. Sutton Road - Suite 204
Streamwood, IL 60107
call: 847-630-0381
fax: 630-889-9886
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/AgingInfoUSA
LinkedIn: http://www.linkedin.com/in/suesalach
Twitter: http://twitter.com/susanavello
Youtube: http://www.youtube.com/aginginfousa
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Nursing Shortage Serious For Seniors:"There is a threat to the health of every older adult in the United States and Canada looming on the horizon. It is not a virus or new type of bacteria that is causing this threat. The threat to health is a result of the increasing shortage of nurses in both countries."
Senior-Fitness.com:"Senior Fitness provides wellness and fitness information for seniors and those who will be senior citizens. The Stretching In Bed guide helps promote mobility, feeling better, looking better, and lets people feel less stiff, more flexible, more independent, and less fatigued. The How To Prevent Falls book is the only book that has the very successful Balance System® to prevent falls, reduce injuries, and strengthen legs. It uses 35 fun, effective, easy exercises and is a valuable program support for senior citizen centers, nursing homes, elder day care, and your family and mine.

Geriatric Associations American Geriatrics Society:"The American Geriatrics Society (AGS) is the premier professional organization of health care providers dedicated to improving the health and well-being of all older adults. With an active membership of over 6,000 health care professionals, the AGS has a long history of effecting change in the provision of health care for older adults. In the last decade, the Society has become a pivotal force in shaping attitudes, policies and practices regarding health care for older people."
American Geriatrics Society
The Empire State Building
350 Fifth Avenue, Suite 801 New York, NY 10118
Phone - 212/308-1414 Fax - 212/832-8646
Email - info@americangeriatrics.org

Alzheimer's Association


California Advocates for Nursing Home Reform:"Since 1983, California Advocates for Nursing Home Reform has been fighting for the rights of long-term care residents in California.CANHR has directed its resources toward the following long term care issues."
1610 Bush St., San Francisco, CA 94109
Consumer Information Hotline: (800) 474-1116 (consumers only please)
Other Inquiries: (415) 474-5171 Fax: (415) 474-2904, info@canhr.org http://www.canhr.org/

******************************************************Coalition of Women in Long Term Care (COWL):"Long term healthcare (LTC) is, in many respects, a women's issue. Women comprise 75% of the nursing home resident population, 97% of professional long term caregivers and the vast majority of family members caring for relatives at home. This demographic reality gives rise to a lot of issues, from healthcare delivery to pay equity and fringe benefits. Ironically, but not surprisingly, the majority of leadership and policy-making positions, both in long term care and in government, are occupied by men. The question becomes: How can we bring women's unique perspectives and situations, as they pertain to long term care, to the full attention of the board rooms, the legislatures, and the executive agencies of the government?"
P.O. Box 2789
Lebanon, TN 37088-2789
Phone: 615-444-1836 Fax: 615-444-0366
Webmaster: WebMaster@COWL.Org

Council of Gerontological Nursing, North Carolina Nurses Association (NCNA):"The Council of Gerontological Nursing is an organizational unit within the North Carolina Nurses Association (NCNA). The Council provides an opportunity for nurses to share expertise and discuss relevant concerns and issues critical to promoting quality care for older persons. A unique appreciation of the process of aging as a "work in progress" characterizes the philosophy of many gerontological nurses. For aphorisms about the aging process, click here (see page entitled Aphorisms about Aging)."
Gail Pruitt, RN, NCNA representative/liaison
103 Enterprise Road, Box 12225 Raleigh, NC 27605-2025
919-821-4250, 800-626-2153 fax 919-829-5807


National Hospice Organization:"The National Hospice and Palliative Care Organization (NHPCO) is the largest nonprofit membership organization representing hospice and palliative care programs and professionals in the United States. The organization is committed to improving end of life care and expanding access to hospice care with the goal of profoundly enhancing quality of life for people dying in America and their loved ones. Considered to be the model for quality, compassionate care at the end of life, hospice care involves a team-oriented approach of expert medical care, pain management, and emotional and spiritual support expressly tailored to the patient's wishes. Emotional and spiritual support also is extended to the family and loved ones. Generally, this care is provided in the patient's home or in a home-like setting operated by a hospice program. Medicare, private health insurance, and Medicaid in most states cover hospice care for patients who meet certain criteria."
National Hospice & Palliative Care Organization (NHPCO)
1700 Diagonal Road, Suite 625 Alexandria, Virginia 22314
703/837-1500 (phone) 703/837-1233 (fax)
NHPCO Helpline: 800/658-8898

******************************************************Administration on Aging - Information on Older Persons and Services for the Elderly:

Agency for Health Care Policy and Research: "The Agency for Health Care Policy and Research (AHCPR) was established in December 1989 under Public Law 101-239 (Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act of 1989). AHCPR, a part of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, is the lead agency charged with supporting research designed to improve the quality of health care, reduce its cost, and broaden access to essential services."
Office of Health Care Information: Christine G. Williams (301) 594-1360 Executive Office Center, Suite 501 2101 East Jefferson Street Rockville, MD 20852

Aging Network Resource Page:
Aging Network Resource Page

American Geriatrics Society:"The American Geriatrics Society (AGS) is the premier professional organization of health care providers dedicated to improving the health and well-being of all older adults."
770 Lexington Ave Suite 300 New York, NY 10021 212-308-1414 Fax: 212-832-8646, info.amger@americangeriatrics.org

National Association of Geriatric Nursing Assistants:"The National Association of Geriatric Nursing Assistants was formally established in 1995 by former certified nursing assistants Lori Porter and Lisa Cantrell. Initially working as CNAs, both moved up the nursing home management ladder, Lori eventually becoming a licensed nursing home administrator and Lisa a director of nursing. Throughout their careers, they remained focused on their years as CNAs, realizing that nursing assistants are both the backbone and the heart and soul of the nursing home profession."
National Association of Geriatric Nursing Assistants
2709 West 13th Street Joplin, Missouri 64801
Phone: 417-623-6049 • 800-784-6049 Fax: 417-623-2230
Email: info@nagna.org

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National Institute on Aging:

National Institute of Standards and Technology: The National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST), an agency of the U.S. Commerce Department's Technology Administration, takes an active role in promoting science and technology education throughout the Gaithersburg, Md., community.
Public Inquiries Unit, (301) 975-NIST, NIST, 100 Bureau Drive, Gaithersburg, MD 20899-0001. Technical website questions: webmaster@nist.gov.


Canadian Links:
Older Adult Centres' Association of Ontario:The Older Adult Centres' Association of Ontario ensures that older adults in Ontario have opportunities and choices that lead to healthy, active lifestyles

Southern Saskatchewan Stroke Prevention and Management Unit:


Health Care Financing Administration (HCFA): The federal agency that administers the Medicare, Medicaid and Child Health Insurance Programs.

Medicare: The Official US Government Site for Medicare Information

What is the ALZHEIMER list?:"ALZHEIMER is an email discussion group for patients, professional and family caregivers, researchers, public policy makers, students and anyone with an interest in Alzheimer's or related dementing disorders in older adults. ALZHEIMER is intended to provide interested individuals from various perspectives an opportunity to share questions, answers, suggestions and tips."
Washington University School of Medicine Alzheimer's Disease Research Center
4488 Forest Park Blvd., Campus Box 8111-ADRC Saint Louis, MO 63108-2293
VOICE: (314) 286-2881/2882 FAX: (314) 286-2763
Send your questions, comments and ideas to: ALZHEIMER-Owner@lists.biostat.wustl.edu


Institute of Gerontology: Wayne State University, Detroit, Michigan.


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Florida Nurse Owned Businesses, Nursing Entrepreneurs, #Nurseup #Nursefriendly

Nursing & Healthcare Directories on: The Nursefriendly
Florida Nurse Owned Businesses, Nursing Entrepreneurs

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Maureen Sullivan RN, BSN, CEN, CDE, Florida Nursing Entrepreneurs:"Registered Nurse x 30 years, with a focus on ER/Trauma. I have worked in a variety of roles, including ER Manager, Stroke Program Manager, Trauma Coordinator, and Director of Education. I just published my first book (!) on my nursing career ("Never Again"). It is a compilation of stories of patients I've cared for during my career. All true stories!"
E-mail Address: Maureen@MaureenSullivanRN.com

Twitter: https://twitter.com/MaureenSRN
Linkedin: http://www.linkedin.com/pub/maureen-sullivan/50/9b1/552
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/#!/maureen.sullivan.1441
Patricia Ann Bemis, RN CEN LHRM, President & CEO, National Nurses in Business Association:"Love your work? Hate your job? Want more independence? Want more respect? Want more money? Join the NNBA and learn how to be self-employed or start a full or part-time business and love your job! Get more independence, respect, and money! I like to share information with other healthcare professionals. I am president of the National Nurses in Business Association, president of the Space Coast Emergency Nurse Association. I work as a online manager, course author and instructor with the University of Florida Professional Development Unit. Click here for Job Options in Nursing Utilizing Your Current Skills and Degrees!"
National Nurses in Business Association
NNBA PO Box 561081, Rockledge, FL 32956-1081
Call 1-877-353-8888 to join! Bemis@NNBA.net
Twitter: https://twitter.com/#!/patbemis

Facebook: https://facebook.com/patriciabemis
Linkedin: http://www.linkedin.com/in/patriciabemis
Blog: http://forensicsciencefornurses.com
Crown Legal Nurse Consulting, LLC, Erica Leach RN, CLNC:"Welcome To Crown Legal Nurse Consulting. Once your firm recieves our expert litigation support services, it will not be difficult to understand why we have been considered the attorneys best kept secret. Behind the scenes we will assist your practice with uncovering crucial case-winning facts which will increase your overall bottom line, save you time and money. Finding one vital piece of pertinent information during our analysis and investigation will strengthen your bargaining power during settlement negotiations. High powered legal firms have discovered the value of adding certified legal nurse consultants to their litigation team as behind the scenes experts. The winning combination of your legal expertise and the CLNC's healthcare knowledge enhances even the most authoritative and commanding courtroom presence."
Erica Leach RN, CLNC
4327 S. Hwy 27* Suite 230 * Clermont, FL * 34711
5728 Major Blvd * Suite 259 * Orlando, FL * 32819
Phone: (352) 243.NURS (6877)
LinkedIn: http://www.linkedin.com/pub/erica-leach-rn-clnc/50/ba7/a77
Twitter: https://twitter.com/#!/EricaNursesROC
Youtube: http://www.youtube.com/user/glory2jc7?feature=watch

Anna Morrison, BA, BSN, RN, CLNC, The EntrepreNurse Group, LLC, Florida Nurse-Entrepreneurs:"Speaker, Keynotes, Seminars, Nursing Career Coach & Strategist, Blogger, Author, Soon to be Radio Show Host"
Anna Morrison, BA, BSN, RN, CLNC
The EntrepreNurse Group, LLC
P.O. Box 23892
Fort LauderdaleFlorida 33307

E-mail Address: anna_e_morrison@hotmail.com
Blogs: http://icoachnurses.com/category/blog
Social Media Accounts:
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/icoachnursesdotcom
LinkedIn: http://www.linkedin.com/in/icoachnursesannamorrison
Twitter: http://twitter.com/#!/icoachnurses
Homepage Address: http://www.icoachnurses.com

Carol J. Rhodes RN, LNC, Medical-Legal Remedies Inc (MLR):"Medical-Legal Remedies Inc (MLR) provides medical-legal Litigation Support Services for Legal Professionals that include Legal Nurse Consulting, Paralegal Litigation Support, a Medical Information Service called Virtual Legal Nurse and Medical Expert Referral Service for Attorneys, Insurance Companies, Hospital Risk Managers, Government, and Claims Management. MLR MLR's Paralegal Staff and Legal Nurse work together as a team to assist our legal clients with comprehensive medical-legal litigation issues and are committed to serve clients by offering our extensive experience and expertise to provide specialized high quality medical-legal litigation support services. By utilizing Medical-Legal Remedies Inc Paralegal/Legal Nurse Team allows the litigator to control costs and increase revenues while securing the competitive advantage with superior work products. So whether your firm or company needs a Paralegal, a Legal Nurse, or both - MLR will assist your firm or company with any medical-legal litigation case project."
Carol J. Rhodes RN, LNC
14286-19 Beach Blvd. #248
Jacksonville, FL 32250
(904) 223-3969
Carol@JaxLegalNurse.com or Carol@VirtualLegalNurse.com
LinkedIn: http://www.linkedin.com/pub/carol-j-rhodes/30/81b/685

Lisa Ann Stern:"Personalized Home Health Care and Geriatric Care Management for Seniors in Palm Beach County, Florida. At Stern Nursing Services (SNS), my goal is to help clients achieve the best quality of life possible. I understand that one solution does not fit every situation so I take the time to actively listen and learn about each client's needs and preferences. This enables me to tailor a care program that maximizes the client's independence and dignity."
@SternNursing Palm Beach County(561)860.0042
Small Business Owner,Nurse, Geriatric Care Manager, Guardian ad Litem, Super Star MoM. #nurse #GAL #caremanagement #alzheimers #nurse #palmbeachcounty
Stern Nursing Services, Inc.
SternNursing@live.com | 510 Sunset Road Boynton Beach , FL , 33435 USA | Phone 5616324707 Mobile 5616324707

Andra DeCarlo, RN, Summit Medical Litigation Consulting, Inc.:"Andra DeCarlo, owner of Summit Medical Litigation Consulting and her team of nurses provide Legal Nurse Consulting for both defense and plaintiff attorneys looking for a clear explanation of what actually happened with the client. Is there a case? Is there a defense? We specialize in looking outside-the-box to help find the key to the case. Nursing home neglegance, PI, Medical Malpractice and more."
1586 El Tair Trail
Clearwater, FL, 33765
E-mail Address: andradecarlo@tampabay.rr.com

Social Networks: Ecademy.comFacebookGather.comLinkedInTwitter
http://summitmlc.com or http://www.andradecarlo.info/

Voyage Nursing:"At Voyage Nursing our philosophy is simple, provide healthcare facilities access to the best nursing professionals in the nation, while making the placement process as simple as possible. In order to do this, it was necessary to assemble the best technology, the most experienced staffing professionals, the most skilled and highly sought after candidates, and the industry specific knowledge that comes from years of interaction with hiring authorities from just about every hospital, rehab facility, outpatient center, and clinic in the nation."
1485 International Parkway
Suite 2031
Heathrow, FL 32746
Toll Free Phone: 800-979-2315
Toll Free Fax: 888-798-6035
Emergency Phone: 800-979-2315 ext. 91

Category: Florida Nurseshttp://www.4nursing.com/florida/
Nursing Entrepreneurs, Nurse-Owned Businesseshttp://www.nursingentrepreneurs.com
Traveling Nurses, Travel Nursing Agencieshttp://www.4travelnursing.com

Lucille "Lou" Addington, RN, CLNC Legal Nurse Consultant
Accu-Ruler:"Accu-Ruler is the newest wound measuring tool on the market. It was designed by nurses, for nurses and other medical professionals. Accu-Ruler is entirely nurse-owned, and is the only wound measurement device approved by ALSNA (American Long Term and Subacute Nurses Association). With Accu-Ruler, you can accurately measure the length, width, depth, tunneling, undermining, and peri-wound skin with only one instrument. Accu-Rulers are disposable, cost effective, and are packaged 100 to each resealable pouch. Their cost includes free shipping and handling until February 2002, and a semi-annual newsletter, within the U.S. Accu-Ruler is approved by numerous nursing home chains and hospitals. We are a certified M/WBE, and have vendor numbers for many federal and state agencies."
5145 - 33rd Terrace North · St. Petersburg, FL 33710-2111 · USA
Phone: 1-888-418-4484 (8am-5pm EST) · Fax: 1-888-798-2756 (24 hrs/day) Email: Decubqueen@accu-ruler.com

Tina Berkofsky, RN, CLNC, Florida Legal Nurse Consultants, Nursing Entrepreneurs

Chris CavanaughCertified Registered Nurse Infusion (CRNI)FloridaAdvanced Practice NursesNursing EntrepreneurCritical Care, , Home careHome InfusionIntravenous TherapyLegal Nurse ConsultingNursing Consultants

Maria M. Church, RN, BSNFlorida, Medical Legal ConsultingCritical CareMedical-SurgicalPost Anesthesia Recovery (PACU)Telemetry
Alpha Medical-Legal Consulting, Inc, Patrick Dupont BSN, CRNA, CLNC.:"25 years as an RN including 22 years as a Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist (CRNA) with extensive experience in anesthesia administration for surgical procedures including general, orthopedic, neurosurgical, cardiothoracic, vascular, ENT, GYN, trauma, plastic and reconstructive, cosmetic, interventional radiology, labor and delivery including administration and monitoring of labor epidurals, invasive line placement and monitoring, emergency airway management, outpatient and ambulatory surgical procedures, regional anesthetics, conscious sedation and post-anesthesia care.
15585 Ocean Walk Cir. #113
Fort Myers, Florida 33908 Phone: 239-297-9893, Fax: 239-425-1384


Valycia M. Johnson RN BS CCRN
******************************************************Gerry A. Kinjorski, BS, RN, CLNC, Aidant Research Nurses, Inc.Florida Nursing Entrepreneurs:"Aidant Research Nurses, Inc., is a legal nurse consulting firm that serves the patient-client and the attorney. If you have questions concerning negligence or medical-malpractice, personal injury or assault, toxic tort, worker's comp or any medical injury you may need Aidant."
7 So. Aurora Ave.
Clearwateraidantresearch@aol.com http://www.nursingexperts.com/aidant/

Donna Maheady, Ed.D., ARNP, ExceptionalNurse.com:"A resource network for nurses and nursing students with disabilities. We provide links to disability related organizations, mentors, employment opportunities, financial aid, continuing education, books, equipment, legal issues, research, related articles as well as support and career counseling.
13019 Coastal Circle
Palm Beach Gardens, Florida 33410
Phone number: (561) 627-9872


Martin-Hall GerryFlorida (FL) Nurses
Specialties: Woundcare

******************************************************Victoria Pettograsso, LPN, BS, MS, Coastal Care Nursing Associates:"Private nurse Ownership assures our patients of superior nursing care and personalization. Presently, we are expanding our horizons into the nurse registry-consulting field. We would like to help you set up your own nurse registry. Time saved in policy and procedure development can yield earlier profits."
1525 S. Tamiami Trail Suite 603

VeniceFlorida 34285
Phone: 941-492-4474, Fax: 443-342-2493

Pickering Cindy, RN CCRN:
Specialties: ACLS InstructorCardiac RhythmsCritical CareMedical Legal Consulting

Amber K. Reid, RN, CDMS, CCM, CLCPLegal Nurse Consultant
Dee Sebesta, RN, CLNC, Sebesta MLCFlorida Nurses:"Workers' Compensation, Medical Malpractice. Will evaluate file for Merit, evaluate for standards of care, provide research."
Categories of Expertise: Case ManagementCertified Legal Nurse ConsultantLegal Appeals Legal Nurse ConsultingLegal Nurse ConsultantsMedical ResearchUtilization Review,Workers' Compensation
Clinical Experience: ICU/CCUER

Clay Smith, RN, Sheetclamps.com LLC:"We provide a truely unique and patent pending invention to hospitals that stops stretcher sheets from falling."
1726 Edgewater drive
Edgewater, Florida 32132
E-mail Address: sheetclamps@jocularity.com

Robert W. Stein, III, RN, MSHA, CHELegal Nurse ConsultantFlorida Nurse Entrepreneurs
Sherilyn Tannozzini AS RNFlorida Nursing EntrepreneursFlowers & FloristsGifts & GiftshopsWedding Planners (Marriages)

Advocare Geriatric Care Management:"Advocare RN's and Certified Medical Care Managers are your in-town, on-the-spot eyes & ears for elder loved ones in your your family or extended family. We are familiar with the physicians and medical facilities in South Florida, and know where to turn to get answers. With resources at our fingertips, we can help whether it's finding the best physicians for your loved ones and accompanying them to the doctor, arranging in-home care, or determining the appropriate short-term or long-term medical or assisted living facility."
Advocare, Inc.
Contact_person(s): Marty Seigel
2833 Oakbrook Dr Weston, FL, 33332
Phone number: 954-349-7585 Fax number: 954-349-8724 mseigel@caremanage.com

Patricia Ann Bemis, RN CEN, President & CEO, National Nurses in Business Association:"Love your work? Hate your job? Want more independence? Want more respect? Want more money? Join the NNBA and learn how to be self-employed or start a full or part-time business and love your job! Get more independence, respect, and money! Click here for Job Options in Nursing Utilizing Your Current Skills and Degrees!"
National Nurses in Business Association
NNBA PO Box 561081, Rockledge, FL 32956-1081
Call 1-877-353-8888 to join! Bemis@NNBA.net

Patricia Brock, HTI Legal Nurse Consulting:"Top quality services for attorneys, insurance companies, managed care companies, government agencies etc. Risk-free 100% guarantee, Free initial consultation, Fast service, Active and current with clinical issues, Reliable support."
Patricia Brock, HTI Legal Nurse Consulting
1379 East Lansdowne Avenue Orange City, FL 32763
Phone: 386-775-9090 Cell Phone: 386-479-9540 Pager: 386-851-6036 Fax: 386-775-0631
E-mail: rpbark@earthlink.net

Mary T. Bruno, RN, CWS, DAPWCA, CLNC, Bruno Medical-Legal Consultants:"Mary T. Bruno, RN, CWS, DAPWCA, CLNC enters into practice carrying with her over 18 years of nursing experience. She carries a wealth of experience in the areas of long term care, sub-acute / rehab and home health settings. She is also a certified wound care specialist. She is knowledgeable on clinical practice guidelines, JCAHO standards, as well as long term care residents rights. She has achieved national certification as a Certified Legal Nurse Consultant. She is licensed to practice nursing in the states of Florida, New York, and New Jersey."
Mary T. Bruno, RN, CWS, DAPWCA, CLNC
PMB-128 2609 N. Forest Ridge Blvd. Hernando, FL. 34442-5123
Telephone: 1-352-746-5204 1-888-735-0414 Fax: 1-352-746-4780 E-mail: Mary@brunomedical-legalconsultants.com

Carson Legal Nurse Consultant:"To analyze the given data, offer an educated opinion, and supply information related to a medical malpractice case or issue based on my expertise in health, law and to use my knowledge as an expert witness that reflects the highest amount of professionalism, integrity, and ethics providing privacy and confidentiality."
Marie Carson, RN
Master's Health Law
P O Box 384
Smyrna, GA 30081
678 548 3579

DM Independent Consultant:"Deborah D. Miller is the founder of DM Independent Consultant. She is a Registered Nurse and Certified as a Legal Nurse Consultant. Her varied experience includes working as a Clinical Research Coordinator, Hospital Supervisor, Charge Nurse, Nurse Claims Analyst, Expert Witness, and Intake Coordinator."
8026 NW 72nd Street, Tamarac, FL 33321
Phone/Fax: 954-724-5777

Expicare Nursing Agency:"Expicare Nursing Agency, a leader in home health care, is owned and managed by highly qualified Registered Nurses, who have been part of the South Florida community for over 30 years."
Expicare Nursing Agency, Inc.
639 East Ocean Ave. Ste. 302 Boynton Beach, FL 33435 US
Boynton Beach: 561-736-1422
Boca Raton: 561-392-0844
Fax: 561-738-5516
Email: info@expicare.com

FLC Nursing:"Flore Calixte, RN, BSN, is the director of services and Owner of FLC Nursing. Inspired by her late husband, Dr. Calixte, Flore set out to provide training and skills to individuals wishing to enter the healthcare field. On November 1999, FLC Nursing Tutorial Services was established. As a registered nurse, Flore has worked as a community health nurse, staff development coordinator, and consultant at Foundation Medical Center. She worked for the Department of Public Health as a community health nurse in the New York City Public School System. Ms. Calixte continues to expand her knowledge as a Basic Life Support (BLS), First Aid, and Domestic Violence Instructor and HIV/AIDS counselor."
FLC Nursing
14830 Military Trail Delray Beach, FL 33484
Phone: 561-638-8099 Fax: 561-638-1852

Jerry D Gann, RN, CLNC:"It can be very cost effective to use a nurse legal consultant. Start out with a case screening and summary to find out if the case has any merits. Why pay an expensive MD expert $500 to $600 an hour only to find out later that you don't have a meritorious case. If the case has merits, then proceed to use the nurse for any or all of the services offered. You may be surprised to find that there are many cases not involving malpractice that you can get help on. See my Services Offered page."
2187 W Shining Dawn Lane Lecanto, Florida 34461
PHONE: 352 746-4706, jgann@tampabay.rr.com

Cassandra L. Garcia, CNM, MSN:"My name is Cassandra Garcia. I am a Certified Nurse Midwife. I am also a Certified Legal Nurse Consultant, fully qualified to serve as an expert witness for both plaintiff and defense. According to state statutes, CNMs and nurse practitioners are required to have written protocols for collaborative practice and prescriptive privileges. I specialize in the creation of customized protocols for collaborative MD/CNM and nurse practitioner services nationwide. I am pleased to provide this, and related consultative services to those in my field of practice, as well as services to those requiring a certified legal nurse consultant."
Cassandra Garcia
571 NW Broken Oak Trail
Jensen Beach, FL 34957
Phone: (772) 692-5786
Facsimile (772) 692-9784
E-Mail casgarcia@adelphia.net

McBeath Medical Legal Consulting, PA:"McBeath Medical Legal Consulting, PA offers Legal Nurse Consulting services to attorneys and organizations in need of medical case reviews, interpretation, analysis and research of medical records. We offer services for plaintiff as well as defense, and can locate expert witnesses. My 36 plus years of clinical expertise in the world of high risk OB/GYN can be your greatest asset. My daily challenges in the hospital setting translate to increased competency which I can pass along to you. Please allow me the opportunity to save you time and money. I will provide you the confidence to present any case."
320 Redwood Lane, Boca Raton, FL 33487
Phone: 305.725.5036 | Fax: 561.997.2350| kcolemcbeath@yahoo.com

My Baby And Me Exercise:"Corinne L. Becker, R.N., B.S.N., certified by the Aerobics and Fitness Association of America, is the prenatal and postnatal exercise specialist at Memorial Hospital West Fitness and Rehab Center in Pembroke Pines, Florida. Since 1992, over ten thousand moms and babies have graduated from her "Mommy and Me" Fitness Program. Corinne also teaches "Daddy and Me" and "Grandparent and Baby" classes along with her husband Scott."
My Baby And Me Exercise
1689 N. Hiatus Rd. PMB 173
Pembroke Pines, FL 33026
1-888-741-BABY (2229), corinne@mybabyandme.com

Nurses PRN, Inc.:"Nurses PRN is searching for nurse executives with experience or knowledge of the medical staffing industry. Exclusive dealerships are being granted in major metropolitan markets throughout the country to people who have the desire and committment to own their own business, but may not have the financial resources to do so."
2260 Palm Beach Lakes Boulevard, Suite 200
West Palm Beach, FL 33409
(800) 279-9800, (561) 683-6900, (561) 683-9900 (fax)

Nursing Unlimited, Inc.:"We know the stress levels that you are exposed to and the risks that you face, in a work environment where constant and rapid change is a fact of life and where your responsibilities are enormous. We are here for you! Nursing Unlimited's enthusiastic team of educators, administrators and customer service specialists has been dedicated to helping you get a job, keep a job or get a better job since 1977. We provide what you need to maintain your license and credentials, to keep your skills on the cutting edge and to reduce your job-related stress. We offer the courses that you need: for re-licensure, to update your knowledge base, to acquire the skills necessary to move to the next level in your career."
Nursing Unlimited, Inc.
633 NE 167 ST, Suite 1205
North Miami Beach, FL 33162
(800) 852-4126

Margaret-Anne O'Reilly, RNC LNC:"Registered Nurse for 23 years with experience in ICU/CCU/ER/PACU Medical Surgical, Home Health arena's of nursing. ANCC Certification as a Certified Medical Surgical Nurse."
Margaret-Anne O'Reilly, RNC LNC
5610 Legend Hills Lane Brooksville, FL 34609
Phone: 352-796-7091 E-mail: umzie@atlantic.net

Registered Nurse Experts, Inc:"We provide healthcare consultations and technical advice to attorneys, physicians, insurance and accreditation organizations, health professionals, private investigators, injured and 3rd parties, media and production. Register to become an expert."
14024 SW 104 Court, Miami, FL 33176, Tele: (800) 759-6938, Email: vicki@rnexperts.com

Rieback Medical-Legal Consultants:"Headquartered in South Florida, Rieback Medical-Legal Consultants was founded and is directed by Ellen J. Rieback, R.N. Ms. Rieback is a registered nurse licensed in New York, California and Florida. She works very closely with the attorneys and physicians on each case in order to facilitate a thorough and expeditious review of your case."
772 NW 100th Terrace Fort Lauderdale, FL 33324 (954) 472-1825 (954) 476-9457 FAX, rmlc@medicalexpert.com

Julia Balzer Riley, RN, MN, HNC, Constant Source Seminars:"Julia has a Master's Degree in Psychiatric/Mental Health Nursing and has been speaking for over 20 years. Her experience includes: staff nurse; clinical nurse specialist; community mental health; faculty for diploma, baccalaureate, and graduate nursing; training and development; management development; and entrepreneur."
Julia Balzer Riley, RN, MN, HNC, Constant Source Seminars
PO Box 438 Ellenton, FL 34222-0438
TEL 941-776-8024 FAX 941-776-8433 Email: julia@constantsource.com Tel: 800-368-7675

RN MARKET LLC:"Veronica Castellana has a Bachelor of Science Degree in Nursing, and a Degree in Arts. She is a Registered Nurse and freelance writer. She had been involved with Emergency Care since 1995. She is Certified as a Legal Nurse Consultant and is the founder and director of the Legal Nurse Consulting Firm. Her Web site is: http://www.legalnurseconsultingfirm.com. She consults on cases for numerous attorneys in the Florida area and for the Attorney General's office. She considers herself to be a Diabetes Nurse Expert and Educator. She is founder and director of the Diabetes Help Foundation and the Diabetic Zone. These are Web sites where she offers free diabetes education to others all around the globe."
219 N. Excelda Avenue
Tampa, Florida 33609
Phone: 813.810.0106
Fax: 813.873.2334
Email: info@RNMARKET.COM

SheetClamps.com, Clay Smith RN CEO:"SheetClamps.com was founded by Clay Smith in 2005 and is located in Edgewater, FL. At SheetClamps.com we provide top-notch patent pending Sheet Clampä stretcher sheet fasteners. We are the inventors of this unique product designed to decrease cost, facilitate patient care , increase job safety and patient comfort."
CALL 800-830-4835 FAX 800-854-2598

Category: Nursing Entrepreneurs, Nurse-Owned Businesses
Norman Shewman, RN, Home Detox Inc.:"Home Detox Inc. is owned and operated by Norman and Debora Shewman. Norman Shewman is an RN, graduating Magna Cum Laude from Graceland College with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Nursing. He is Board Certified in Psychiatric and Mental Health Nursing. He is a member of the following organizations: Sigma Theta Tau International Nursing Honor Society, The National College Honor Scholarship Society Alpha Chi, The American Psychiatric Nursing Association (APNA), The Florida Nurses Association (FNA) and the National Society of Addictions."
Home Detox Inc.
530 US 41 Bypass South Unit 12B, Venice, FL 34285
(941) 412-3869 (DTOX) e-mail: homedetoxinc@aol.com

Smith Associates, Medical-Legal Nurse Consultants:"Smith Associates, Medical-Legal Nurse Consultants is a select group of highly dedicated, clinically active, licensed, RN professionals assisting the legal and insurance communities to prepare their cases involving Medical Malpractice, Products Liability, Worker's Compensation, and other areas of Personal Injury."
Telephone: 321-258-1769
Fax: 321-631-6371
E-mail: linda@lsmithlegalnurse.com

Stapleton Forensics and Legal Consulting, Inc.:"Who ever heard of a company such as this? Registered Nurses, a Licensed Practical Nurse, a Licensed/Registered Dietician, a Doctor of Pharmacy, a Licensed Respiratory Therapist, a Board Certified Doctor of Optometry, a Licensed Nursing Home Administrator, a Firefighter/Paramedic, a Licensed Medical Technologist, a Licensed Healthcare Risk Manager, a Computer Forensics investigator, and the list of professionals by specialty goes on. My name is Mary Kay Stapleton and I am the president of Stapleton Forensics and Legal Consulting, Inc. My colleagues and I have formed a team of professionals to meet the diverse medical legal and legal consulting needs in the Central Florida region. With over 400 years of combined experience in our respective fields, we strive to provide competent, quality legal consulting services for medical malpractice, personal injury, nursing home neglect, wrongful death, and any other types of cases in the legal arena."
Mary Kay Stapleton, President and CEO
P.O. Box 91630
Lakeland, FL 33804-1630
Business Line: 863-944-0195
Fax Line: 863-853-2343
Email: Mary_Kay_Stapleton@StapletonForensics.com

Strickland Associates:"Working with legal professionals, Strickland Associates provides services in an accurate, cost effective and timely manner to empower clients with the best possible strategy for success in cases with medical-legal issues. Drawing from over twenty years' experience in medical, surgical and emergency nursing in both hospital and maritime environments, Gina Strickland applies knowledge to critical analysis of cases involving medical issues. From brief screenings for merit to comprehensive reports, Strickland assists in case preparation by tailoring the work product to client needs."
Strickland Associates LLC
Gina Strickland, RN, CEN, CLNC
Phone: 850.450.2340
Fax: 801.406.6509

Victoria R. Sweet, R.N.:"Legal Nurse Consultant Victoria R. Sweet, R.N., is uniquely qualified to provide comprehensive consulting services in legal matters involving a wide range of medical issues. She is a seasoned Registered Nurse with more than a decade of medical experience in hospital and private practice nursing.Starting in 1991, she specialized in reproductive endocrinology and infertility nursing with Women's Health Care & Reproductive services (now Specialists in Reproductive Medicine & Surgery, P.A.). During this employment, she became experienced in the implementation of Occupational Safety and Health Association (OSHA) guidelines, laboratory certification requirements and standards of care protocols. She also became a Notary Public."
Victoria R. Sweet, R.N.
9901 Caloosa Y. & R. Club Drive
Fort Myers, FL 33919
Telephone 941-433-2988, FAX 941-433-0693
Electronic mail: VSweet@srm-s.com

VAGA Consulting, Inc.:"We shall provide professional, discreet, and comprehensive service, using clinical and theoretical expertise, as we assist our clients in the legal profession."
257 SE 46th Street Cape Coral, Florida 33904
phone 239-945-3715 fax 801-720-8958 mailto:vagaconsulting@earthlink.net

Nursingentrepreneurs.com is a networking and resource directory for Nurse-Owned businesses and nurses looking for an alternative to working at the bedside.
If you explore the site a bit, you'll find profiles of hundreds of nurse entrepreneurs around the country. We encourage you to browse around, find a business category you are interested in, then contact the nurse directly. We're available for questions as well. This website is Owned-Operated by Andrew Lopez, RN a Medical/Surgical/Telemetry nurse.
Has your Nurse-owned business been written up in the news? Do you send out a newsletter or regular press releases? We'd like to hear about it!

Our Newest article is from an Arizona Nurse Entrepreneur:Should You Incorporate Your Registry Business? By Joseph Caracci, RN:"The short answer is yes! When starting a new nurse registry business, you are entering into a legal business environment that requires you to take steps to protect your personal assets, such as your home, your savings, and your retirement. With this in mind, you need to determine which legal form you are going to take for your new registry. Some of the common choices are a sole proprietorship, a partnership, a limited liability partnership (LLP), a limited liability company (LLC), and a corporation."


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Interesting Reading For Nurse Entrepreneurs, Actual or Soon To Be:
Nurse Entrepreneurs: Tales of Nurses in Business:"This book is vey inspiring! Learn how 50 different nurses brought their vision to reality! Learn some great tips on starting your own business. Nurses don't have to just work at the bedside. Read this book and you will be thinking of how you can make your dream a reality!"
Own Your Own Corporation: Why the Rich Own Their Own Companies and Everyone Else Works for Them:"Rich Dad's-"Own your Own Corporation" is a must read for anyone comtemplating a new business-or someone who already owns their own business. Garrett's direct yet simplistic explanations of the different business entities,the proper and best suited entity for your business-is followed by real-life scenarios which helps drive home the importance of corporate ownership in today's business world. Use Garrett's legal expertise to establish a successful, legally responsible and fiscally protected business...And understand the why's and how's of that ownership."
21 Success Secrets, Success Secret #4- "Do What You Love to Do." Get your FREE CD and find out the other 20 secrets of self-made millionaires.:"Order your FREE CD ($4.95 S&H) from Brian Tracy's acclaimed 21 Success Secrets series. Start with 21 Success Secrets of $elf-Made Millionaires - full of techniques practiced by all men and women who go from rags to riches in one generation. Brian Tracy is a noted success expert. He's trained over 2 million people in 23 countries how to achieve their financial goals faster than ever before."

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