Saturday, June 2, 2007

Doug Fletcher, RN, Publisher Journal of Nursing Jocularity

Doug Fletcher, RN, Publisher Journal of Nursing Jocularity, Association for Applied and Therapeutic Humor:"Doug Fletcher was a nurse, therapeutic humor advocate and AATH member. Doug inspired people to come together and build a strong network of health and humor professionals dedicated to exploring and developing therapeutic applications of humor. Doug was a nurse for much of his professional life and worked part-time as an ER and ICU nurse at Mesa Lutheran Hospital in Mesa, Arizona. Most of his attention, however, was focused on a nursing magazine he founded and published. The name of the magazine was the Journal of Nursing Jocularity . The Journal of Nursing Jocularity promoted humor in the healthcare profession by publishing humorous articles and cartoons from nurses throughout the country. This magazine had tens of thousands of subscribers and was readily found in hospital "nursing-staff" rooms and/or "staff bathrooms" for all to read and enjoy."
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