Sunday, March 27, 2011

Is Your Child in Trouble with Drugs? Step One, Get a Screening and Assesment

A screening and assessment is used to get a complete picture of your child’s relationship to drugs to make sure that they will be referred to the right level and type of treatment.

The assessment should be conducted by a certified addiction professional , an Addictionologist, or a doctor who is accredited by the American Society of Addiction Medicine, (ASAM). Problems with addiction are a specialized field and a specialist should be used.

The important part is to make sure you are not operating on emotion alone and are working in conjunction with a trained professional who can assess the degree of the problem and lay out the steps necessary in your child’s care.

An assessment helps determine:

  1. How severe your child’s problem is
  2. The level of treatment the child needs (e.g. early intervention, outpatient, intensive outpatient/partial hospitalization, residential / inpatient services and
  3. The types of services the child needs

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