Thursday, October 20, 2011

What Not to Say to Someone Who's Quitting Smoking |

What Not to Say to Someone Who's Quitting Smoking | By Melanie Haiken, senior editor

1. "You're going to get lung cancer." Yes, it's true, smoking causes cancer, emphysema, and all sorts of other problems. But smokers have heard these arguments so often that they're like the annoying buzz of a mosquito. "The health risks of smoking aren't news to anyone; smokers have heard it all before," says Pam Mills, an addiction counselor and hypnotherapist in Denver, Colorado. "All they do is block you out or say whatever they think will shut you up."

2. "If you loved me, you'd quit." As with any addiction, guilt doesn't work, experts say, because if the smoker believed he could quit, he would. All it does is make him feel guilty and bad about himself -- and angry at you for making him feel crummy."

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