Sunday, April 22, 2012

Black nurses sue Jackson Park Hospital over strip search. #nurseup #chicago #nursefriendly

Black nurses sue Jackson Park Hospital over strip search. #nurseup #chicago #nursefriendly:”In an exclusive interview with the Crusader Joubert described in detail what she said was the most degrading experience of her life. On August 16, 2011 Joubert said she was finishing her shift at Jackson Park Hospital, 7531 South Stony Island Avenue, when a routine inventory of controlled drugs (medicine) turned up one (Vicodin) pill missing.

Joubert said she and fellow nurse Mable Dortch, also a plaintiff in the lawsuit, which was filed October 12, 2011 followed these steps but “that was not sufficient enough for them,” Joubert said. “They took it further than I had ever expected.” According to Joubert, after being “interrogated aggressively” by management about the missing pill in an open conference room, she alleged Williams took her to a bathroom and began searching her upper body by feeling inside her bra so hard that the back strap broke off exposing her breasts.”


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