Monday, June 18, 2012

Crown Legal Nurse Consulting, LLC, Erica Leach RN, CLNC #nurseup #nursefriendly

New addition to the Nursefriendly Florida section:

Crown Legal Nurse Consulting, LLC, Erica Leach RN, CLNC:”Welcome To Crown Legal Nurse Consulting. Once your firm recieves our expert litigation support services, it will not be difficult to understand why we have been considered the attorneys best kept secret. Behind the scenes we will assist your practice with uncovering crucial case-winning facts which will increase your overall bottom line, save you time and money. Finding one vital piece of pertinent information during our analysis and investigation will strengthen your bargaining power during settlement negotiations. High powered legal firms have discovered the value of adding certified legal nurse consultants to their litigation team as behind the scenes experts. The winning combination of your legal expertise and the CLNC’s healthcare knowledge enhances even the most authoritative and commanding courtroom presence.”
Erica Leach RN, CLNC
4327 S. Hwy 27* Suite 230 * Clermont, FL * 34711
5728 Major Blvd * Suite 259 * Orlando, FL * 32819
Phone: (352) 243.NURS (6877)

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