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Tennessee State Nurses, Could This Happen To You? #amandatrujillo #nurseup #nursefriendly














Tennessee State Nurses, Could This Happen To You? #amandatrujillo #nurseup #nursefriendly:

"The story of Amanda Trujillo is a horrifying one. Briefly, she is a single mom who fought to get off welfare and fulfilled her dream of becoming a nurse. Not only did she become a nurse, she earned a masters degree in nursing. One night while working a Banner Health in Arizona, she took care of a patient who was being asked to undergo a liver transplant. In talking to the patient, Amanda learned that the patient did not fully understand what was going to occur. Amanda educated the patient. She explained the option of hospice instead. The patient decided against the transplant. Then the physician came in, had a well-witnessed tantrum at the hospital when he found out his patient had decided against surgery, and Amanda was fired by the hospital. Her case came up for review by the Arizona Board of Nursing. The summary of her case written by the attorney representing her is below. Amanda has been devastated in terms of her career and her finances. She is back on welfare, her dream of being a nurse shattered."  


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Amanda Trujillo, RN & Banner Del E. Webb Medical Center, Sun City, Arizona: Position Statements Requested


Arizona State Board of Nursing: Remove Amanda Trujillo's nursing license from "under investigation" status


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