What Exactly Is Patient Advocacy? By Jennifer Olin, BSN, RN, February 13th, 2012:”One of the many topics raised by the case of Arizona nurse Amanda Trujillo, her firing by Banner Health, and their subsequent complaint to the state’s Board of Nursing, is did she step out of bounds while advocating for her patient?

As I remember it, from day one of nursing school, it was ingrained in us that advocacy, particularly patient advocacy, is one of our most important nursing duties. I know that’s what I remember from all those years ago. Or is it?

So, I went to the sources; nursing textbooks. I still had my copy of Fundamentals of Nursing (Kozier & Erb, fifth edition) and I borrowed a friend’s textbook of the same title (Potter & Perry, sixth edition); and I asked an acquaintance who is currently in nursing school to look at her version of Fundamentals (Taylor et.al., seventh edition). In this very unscientific survey I found my memory was on point. In all three texts, from different years and different authors, nurse as patient advocate is found repeatedly in the first 100-200 pages (and these textbooks have over 1500 pages apiece).”



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