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iPhone Apps for the Smarter Nursing Student, By, Jennifer Olin, BSN, RN, @Jolin2, #nurseup #nursefriendly

iPhone Apps for the Smarter Nursing Student, April 25th, 2011, By, Jennifer Olin, BSN, RN, @Jolin2, #nurseup #nursefriendly:"As a nursing student just 10 years ago, I remember being weighed �down every clinical day. My stethoscope hung around my neck, my ID hung off my collar and my pockets were packed with every note I thought I might need to get through �the day. I kept a nursing drug guide in one pocket balanced on the other side of my jacket by a pregnancy wheel, a BMI chart, sticky notes with normal lab values, extra �pens, index cards and a care plan or two to try and follow. Well, no more. Nursing students today have the world at their fingertips with one small tool � the cell phone. �Smart phones are gifts to nursing students because�there's an app for that � any that."




Yoga Nursing Training Essentials, Online from Annette Tersigni, RN @Theyoganurse

Power Strategies for Nurses Who Care from Carol Gino, RN. New York Times Best-Selling Author of The Nurses Story."Nurses... What To Do When Helping Hurts. Watch the full Survival Guide for Nurses Who Care video and learn power strategies that will work for you."

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