Tuesday, November 19, 2013

#SoleProprietorships, Limited Liability Company (#LLC), #Corporations. Which #Business organizations did you choose & why? #nurseup

#SoleProprietorships, Limited Liability Company (LLC), #Corporations. Which #Business organizations did you choose & why?

When setting up my business, my main goal was tax write-offs that I knew the #Fortune500 companies had been taking forever. My "corporate" address is my home, my business in lieu of "rent" pays most utilities, my cell phones, owns my car and can write or pay in "Pre-Tax" dollars (imagine a 30% discount on every monthly utility bill for life).

Others choose Corporations or LLC for #Liability purposes. In other words, Nursefriendly, Inc is sued, they cannot touch my house or personal savings (long as my corporate minutes, registrations, etc are in order).

Kindly tell us how you set your business up and why  Andrew Lopez




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