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Daniel P. Gracie, DNP, RN-BC, Nursing Informatics Institute, @NIInstitute South Carolina Nurse Entrepreneurs #Nurseup

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Your Name, Degrees Licenses: Daniel P. Gracie, DNP, RN-BC

Can you tell us a bit about yourself? I graduated nursing school in 2003 and began working in a Pediatric Cardiothoracic Intensive Care Unit. I worked there for five years and then transferred to the newly formed Nursing Informatics department in my organization where I provided go-live and end-user support. I thoroughly enjoyed working with front-line nurses using technology and wanted to continue to grow professionally. After two years of this, I accepted a position with the Office of the Chief Information Officer working with the hospitals EMR. Today I am a team leader with the same group and love any opportunity that I get to share my passing of healthcare information technology and Nursing Informatics with nurses.

What Attracted You To The Field of Nursing? I always knew I wanted to do something in the healthcare field and gravitated to nursing over time.

What is your experience and background in Nursing? Pediatric Cardiothoracic Intensive Care and Informatics.

Would you recommend Nursing as a career? YES!

Your Business Name (if applicable): Nursing Informatics Institute

Business Organization?: S- Corp

Why did you choose this type of organization? Tax advantages and to limit potential liabilities.

Please describe in detail your business/services you provide (if you have an elevator pitch ): The Nursing Informatics Institute is a provider of healthcare and nursing informatics. We offer courses on-site in topics such as project management, basics of nursing informatics, and nursing informatics review courses. Additionally we offer online study questions and are working on some books and online learning opportunities for the future.

Street Address: 3642 Savannah Highway

City: Johns Island

State/Province, (and country if not USA): SC

Zip Code: 29455

E-mail Address:

Blogs Social Media (Twitter, Linkedin, Facebook, etc) :


Google Plus:



Homepage Address:

Type of business categories would you would like to be listed (no maximum, we make up new categories frequently for registrants): Consulting, Continuing Education, Education, Informatics, Keynote Speakers, Nursing Education, Nursing Seminars, Education Nurse Entrepreneurs, Seminars (Nursing)

Contact person(s): Dan Gracie

Phone number (how/when do you prefer to be contacted): 888-787-2246

In what date (month/year) did you start your business? 05/2013

Can you describe some challenges you had to overcome in starting your business? Getting started, marketing and creating business

How did you hear about the Nursefriendly, Facebook

The year were you first licensed as a nurse? 2003

What school(s) of nursing did you attend? Mountain State University

Professional organizations you have belonged to: American Nursing Informatics Association, AMIA, HIMSS, ANA, and South Carolina Nurses Association.

What made you decide to start your own business? I felt the need from the nursing profession for relevant education that is applicable across multiple business fields.

How many times have you changed employers in your career? 0

What specific qualities and traits do you feel make nurses especially qualified to operate a business? Their broad knowledge and ability to implement change.

What exactly is a nurse entrepreneur in your own words? A nurse who sees a need and rises to the challenge of improving it.

Do you currently practice as a nurse? If yes in what type of setting? Informatics

Your most pressing concerns with the profession and healthcare: Education, independent practice, and work environments.
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