Saturday, October 25, 2014

Monday Morning Quarterbacks, Lyn Trott. RN BSN, CPN #NursesFightEbola #EbolaAmerica #Nurseup

Now that The Ebola virus has come to America, we're seeing massive fear, hysteria and rampant unfounded information spreading like wildfire. 

Journalists have contributed to fears of the public and health care workers. Meanwhile, those who are not involved in the fight against ebola are able to frequently find a news crew to help them spread misinformation. As health care professionals we have a duty to educate those who have a gap in knowledge or don't understand the information given to them. 
Many of these people are Monday Morning Quarterbacks. They are more than happy to criticize and evaluate and place blame but have no interest in helping find a solution.

Lyn Trott. RN BSN, CPN


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