Saturday, February 3, 2018

Why #NursesTakeDC 2018? Sarah Brennan Mott, RN, @NurseBorn, Nurse Inventor, Nursing Entrepreneur

"Nurses Take DC to keep patients safe from harm related to nursing staff being spread too thin, to help reduce medical errors and protect other nurses from burnout.  We want to take care of our patients and have the time to provide them with the care that they deserve."
Sarah Brennan Mott, RN

NursesTakeDC 2018 details here:

Sarah Mott is a Registered Nurse, Inventor of the Koala~Qlip Stethoscope Holder and Founder of Nurse Born Products an online store that carries products developed by Nurses.  Sarah is a supporter of SMYS and attended Nurses Take DC in 2017.  Sarah and her company Nurse Born Products will have a table at the SMYS Nurse Networking event on April 25 and then on April 26 she will rally at the Capitol with other nurses and concerned citizens from across the country for safe staffing ratios.



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