Monday, March 26, 2018

Why NursesTakeDC 2018? Shelly Fink, RN #NursesTakeDC #NurseUp #NursesUnite #NationofNurses

Why NursesTakeDC 2018? Shelly Fink, RN

Nursing friends!!

I just booked my hotel room for this event.  If anyone is able to attend, or is interested, please check out the event page.

Professionally, safe staffing ratios has not effected me.  I currently work with an amazing team model that flows well.  In my critical care years, it was always 1:2, sometimes 1:1.  But many of my colleagues who work other facilities struggle with this issue daily.  

For every patient added on to a nurses assignment, the risks of one of them dying goes up exponentially.  I don't rally as a nurse to make my job better, personally my job rocks!  I rally because I'm a daughter, a mother, a wife, a friend, and sometimes a patient, who understands why this is so important.  

This is not a partisan rally, not a Republican vs Democrat thing. This is standing up for our profession and our patients to all who will listen.  

Consider joining me.  Get involved!

NursesTakeDC 2018 details here:


Andrew Lopez, RN
Nursefriendly National Directories
38 Tattersall Drive
West Deptford, New Jersey 08051
856-415-9617, Fax: 856-415-9618,, @nursefriendly

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