Sunday, March 18, 2018

Why #NursesTakeDC 2018? Janet Michaelis RN, @jgmichaelis #NursesUnite #NurseUp

Why #NursesTakeDC, Janet Michaelis RN?

An obvious fact: CARING THOROUGHLY FOR PATIENTS TAKES TIME, yet bedside nurses are too often saddled with impossible workloads we're expected to perform to perfection, while being pushed to push the patients out ASAP. So-called “quality standards” reward "throughput" over thoroughness, demeaning and endangering staff and patients alike.

Meanwhile legacy professional  organizations, like the ANA, have spent decades equivocating about the subject of mandatory staffing, allowing cruel and dangerous  practices to persist and fester like chronic wounds. 

Instead of listening to professional lobbyists, it’s time that legislators hear from us directly for a change!

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Monday, March 5, 2018

Why #NursesTakeDC 2018? Angela Kokopelytio, BS(N), RN, Silent No More Foundation, @silentnomorefnd

Why "#NursesTakeDC"? Because I have had the experience of knowing that just one more nurse could have been the difference between life and death for a patient. The level of fear that goes through a nurse when they know how fragile that situation is is horrible. We should never be put in this position. A patient needs more and better than that. 

#NursesTakeDC because we've trusted and hoped for our employers to do the right thing, and they've intentionally gotten it wrong, erroneously believing this saves money. 

#NursesTakeDC because we should never be faced with these terrifying situations. Patients shouldn't die because we are chronically short staffed.

One of the number one causes of healthcare worker directed violence is long wait times. A person becomes frustrated, then escalates to the point of physically assaulting staff. The longer the assault is able to continue, the worse the damage is. 

#NursesTakeDC because we've been silent about this since the dawn of time. The overwhelming majority of healthcare workers have experienced healthcare workplace violence. We are the most likely of any industry to be assaulted. 

#NursesTakeDC because we didn't take these jobs expecting to be assaulted. 

#NursesTakeDC because just one more nurse could mean the difference between life and death in situations of healthcare workplace violence. 

#NursesTakeDC because if we are assaulted, that assault will continue until someone else comes to help. 

#NursesTakeDC because we will be #SilentNoMore about the assaults we receive when we lack support to prevent them.

#NursesTakeDC because we want to safely return home after our shifts, without harming our patients from being stretched too thinly. #SilentNoMore

NursesTakeDC 2018 details here:

Angela at the Illinois Show Me Your Stethoscope, #STAMP rally.