Monday, October 18, 2010

National Latino AIDS Awareness Day-NLAAD

National Latino AIDS Awareness Day-NLAAD:"National Latino AIDS Awareness Day-NLAAD is a national community mobilization and social marketing campaign that unites the Hispanic/Latino community in efforts to raise HIV awareness, promotion of HIV testing, prevention and education; in addition to other critical health issues such as Viral Hepatitis, Sexually Transmitted Infections and Tuberculosis. NLAAD is also a capacity building opportunity that aims to improve the ability of community based organizations, faith based congregations, and local health departments to provide HIV testing, prevention and education services through collaboration and partnership opportunities."

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AIDS/HIV Nurses:

Geneviève Clavreul, RN, Ph.D., President & CEO, Solutions Outside the Box:"She brings over forty years of management consulting experience to the Solutions Outside the Box team. Her expertise is management with a focus on healthcare, nursing, and HIV/AIDS. She is also a well-known HIV/AIDS and healthcare activist, using her own resources to speak out on issues of significance to women, people living with HIV/AIDS, and patient advocacy."
Solutions Outside the Box
PO Box 867
Pasadena, CA 91102-0867
Office Number: (626) 844-7812 Office Fax: (626) 844-7813


Baraka Dimson, BSN, New York City Nursing Agencies, Nurse-Owned Businesses:"Staff Nurse Inc. is a staffing agency for nursing homes in the state of New York. We staff nursing homes with qualified licensed practical nurses and registered professional nurses. Our rates are extremely competitive and we offer on-going staff development for our nurses. In addition to this we have a department that offers 5 weeks NCLEX review class for repeat NCLEX test takers only. We offer them the support they need and review in a small and intimate classroom environment. Our NCLEX review classes are so good, if after taking it the graduate nurse is still not successful, we allow him or her to continue taking our review classes up to 1 year until they pass the NCLEX and obtain their license.

312-316 East 149th street
Bronx New York Zip Code: 10452
Phone number: 718-772-6663 Fax number: 718-293-3980


******************************************************"Welcome to! The goal of this site is to give you information on the real needs of HIV positive people and their medical care. I am an AIDS specialist who is also HIV positive. So my view on living with HIV is more than just lessons learned from a textbook or a clinical exam. I live with this virus and know how it can make you feel. One of the areas that I am impassioned about is symptom management. Most clinicians do not know how to treat the ongoing symptoms of HIV disease. Many shy away from pain and symptom management because it is too difficult. I welcome treating people's symptoms and getting them back on the road to health."
Crossroads Medical
269 Chatham Road, Harwich, MA 02645



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