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California Nurse Entrepreneurs, Nurse-Owned Businesses

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Donna M. Post, RN, BSN, MBA / HCM, CLNC, LNCP-C , Mid-Valley Legal Nurse Consulting, Inc., California Nurse Entrepreneurs, Legal Nurse Consultants:"Mid-Valley Legal Nurse Consulting has over 24 years of experience clinically and administratively, in cardiac, adult and pediatric critical care, and dialysis. Our experience extends to both the inpatient and outpatient settings. MVLNC provides effective identification of practice standards, regulatory standards, adherence and/or deviations to these standards. Our background provides our clients the added benefit of understanding healthcare infrastructure, budgets, and healthcare labor issues. This extensive experience allows for identification of medical and nursing issues in any case that involves health, illness and injury. The clients we serve are attorneys, insurance companies, healthcare facilities and others. At Mid-Valley Legal Nurse Consulting, our goal is to provide our clients with cost-effective, efficient, review and analysis – providing you with winning services while critically defending your bottom-line.
2491 Alluvial #7
Clovis, Ca 93611
Phone: 559-294-7580 or 877-532-5676


Romaine A Settle, RN, RoMedLLC, Makers of Comfeeze, California Nurse-Owned Businesses, Nursing Entrepreneurs, Nurse Inventors:"Manufacture and distribute "Comfeeze". "Comfeeze" is made of a soft fleece material with Velcro strips to secure it around the oxygen cannula, preventing sores at the site of the ears and providing comfort for those who are required to use supplemental oxygen."
Romaine A Settle, RN
Street Address: 4224 Massachusetts St.
City: Long Beach State: California Zip Code: 90814
E-mail Address:

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Parks Medical-Legal Consulting:"Parks Medical-Legal Consulting is an Independent Medical-Legal Consulting firm owned and operated by Mr. Paul Parks. A strong Patient advocate, Mr. Parks educates in all areas of medicine taking complex information and breaking it down in an easy to digest way that both jurors and clients can easily understand. Mr. Parks has had extensive training and clinical experience working in some of the most prestigious teaching institutions in southern California including: UC Irvine, Loma Linda University Medical Center, Balboa Naval Hospital, UC San Diego, and numerous free standing surgical centers practicing special procedures in such areas as: pain management, urology, plastic surgery, gastroenterology, same day surgery both as an OR circulator and sedation nurse. Administration of sedative hypnotic agents for sleep induction both in the hospital setting and as an independent practitioner. He is fluent and up to date on all of the latest standards of care and guidelines in all areas of nursing and medicine and is an excellent source for a thorough understanding of medical care in a truly objective manner."
38510 orangecrest rd.
Palm Desert, CA 92211
Phone: (760) 772-8032
Fax: (760) 772-8032



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Cynthia Antone, RN, BSN, CCHP, SNC, California, Legal Nurse Consultant Expert Witness, Correctional Health Care, Intensive Care Unit (ICU), Psych, Substance Abuse


Cari Caruso, RN SANE-A, Forensic Nurse Professionals, Inc., California Nurse Entrepreneurs:"Forensic Services: Forensic Sexual Assault, Evidentiary Exams for Victims and Suspects, Domestic/Interpersonal Violence evaluations and Photography, Consulting for Defense and Prosecuting Attorneys, Expert Testimony, Education."
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Andrew Lopez, RN
Nursefriendly, Inc. A New Jersey Corporation.
38 Tattersall Drive, Mantua New Jersey 08051 ICQ #6116137
856-415-9617, (fax) 415-9618

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