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Our (Nursing) Most Pressing Concerns About Healthcare @hospiceheroes @icoachnurses @wwwrnorg @theyoganurse #nursefriendly


Your most pressing concerns with the profession and healthcare: I feel we have disconnected our healthcare professionals from their patients and colleagues by denying them quality continuing education that would empower them, expand their knowledge base, and connect them with others who share their vision. We need quality education and support for healthcare professionals and consumers!!!

Gwenn Dalton, RN, CEO/Educator, Pro Hospice Solutions, LLC, Texas Nurse Entrepreneurs, Hospice Educators:"Pro Hospice Solutions, LLC understands that care is more than tending to the physical end of life; it is a way of caring for the patient, their family, and support group. Through our community outreach programs, mentorship programs, and continuing education workshops, we empower those care givers and end of life professionals with the ability to advance quality of life and to accept the gift of providing a compassionate end of life for their patient or loved one. Above all, Pro Hospice Solutions, LLC is dedicated to providing training and support for those Hospice Heroes and Healthcare Warriors who continue to fight for end of life rights!
We provide the following educational services: Continuing Nursing Education and Continuing Education Workshops. End of Life Consumer Education Resources and Training. Mentorship and Training Programs for End of Life Professionals"
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Your most pressing concerns with the profession and healthcare: The "spreading thin" of nurses.

Anna Morrison, BA, BSN, RN, CLNC, The EntrepreneNurse Group, LLC, Florida Nurse-Entrepreneurs:"Speaker, Keynotes, Seminars, Nursing Career Coach & Strategist, Blogger, Author, Soon to be Radio Show Host"
Anna Morrison, BA, BSN, RN, CLNC
The EntrepreneNurse Group, LLC
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I see the most pressing concern in the nursing profession and healthcare is the assurance that the consumer is getting what they are not only paying for, but what they deserve as they put their trust in others to care for them with utmost skill.

Judi S. Brantley, RN BSN MEd. Certified Legal Nurse Consultant, Charleston Medical Legal Consultants, South Carolina Legal Nurse Consultants, Nursing Entrepreneurs, Nurse-Owned Businesses:Charleston Medical Legal Consultants, LLC provides Case Analysis for Medical Malpractice cases. This includes, but not limited to:

  1. Inventory for necessary medical records
  2. Screening for merit
  3. Identify adherences to/deviations from Standards of Care
  4. Medical story
  5. Chronologies with Lexis Nexis CaseMap/TimeMap
  6. Rendering list of potential defendants
  7. Educate in medical questions
  8. Medical Research
  9. Assist in locating expert witnesses
  10. Charleston Medical Legal Consultants, LLC
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    Your most pressing concerns with the profession and healthcare: The Healthcare crisis in the US with the costs way out of control.

    Larry Snyder, BA, RN, DBA, RN.ORG, SA, Nursing Continuing Education Providers:"Larry Snyder, RN is the Founder and President of RN.ORG®, SA. As a licensed healthcare professional with over 15 years of experience in nursing as well as a computer authority with in-excess of 20 years of experience, he is knowledgeable with the integration of healthcare and computers and sees a strong need for licensed professionals to maintain their license in an easy, convenient, comfortable no stress environment. Larry has worked in various aspects of nursing in many states in both large and small hospitals and has the experience and background to make healthcare and nursing education friendly. Larry also functioned as a consulant at large corporations in various aspects of IT management including CBS Sports,,, Universal Studios, Nickelodeon, Viacom, Flexsys and Monsanto. Larry also has served as an expert witness on several high profile cases throughout the United States sharing his valuable input as an experienced Emergency Room nurse."
    Latin America Office (Corporate Offices)
    Larry Snyder - RN.ORG®, SA
    CR 15A # 10A-03
    El Poblado, Medellin, Colombia
    Hospital Sales (English) USA: 1-954-369-4556
    Hospital Sales (EspaƱol - E.E.U.U): 1-860-786-1866
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    Your most pressing concerns with the profession and healthcare: Burn out, low-self esteem, nurses do not realize how powerful they are View previous responses:

    Annette Tersigni RN, Yoga Nursing®:"I am the founder of Yoga Nurse Medical Yoga and Stress Management and am the creator of the enlightening new field of Yoga Nursing® and the Yoga Nursing Institute. Yoga Nursing is the marriage of modern nursing science with the ancient science of yoga. My programs are endorsed by lots of doctors and health care providers as a safe therapy to decrease pain and suffering and help folks to find peace instead of going to pieces. I have dedicated the past 16 years educating people around the world on leading healthier, spiritual lifestyles and with a dose of tough love and loads of laughter helped them to WAKE UP and GET CONSCIOUS NOW.

    I am a sought after no barriers heart felt speaker, coach, teacher and writer and am featured extensively in the media including in the Associated Press and on NBC, CBS, Fox News affiliates and have been interviewed on national TV by Arielle Ford as one of America's Experts. I am producing, writing, and acting in several DVD documentary/educational projects: I am training and coaching other nurses, yoga teachers and health professionals throughout the USA and Canada to be Yoga Nursing Therapists and I lead fantabulous Yoga and Juice fasting Makeover Retreats on the magnificent Pyrate laden Crystal Coast of North Carolina. My programs our hip, conscious, filled with hilarious humor, enlightening and designed to inspire and leave a legacy. This is the most prolific, jamming and juicy time of my life and I get to do it all by serving others. SERVING RULES!"
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    "The most pressing concern for me is the problem with Managed Care Organizations (MCO's) and government cutbacks and having to do more with less, in less time. This permeates all settings, from acute care hospitals, nursing homes, home care, even impacting care being provided in physician offices. More patient teaching is expected and higher tech care is becoming routine, yet there is less time and personnel available to appropriately meet these needs."

    Lucille "Lou" Addington, RN, CLNC, Florida:"We do medical-legal consulting for attorneys, insurance companies and HMO's, and private individuals. Presuit investigations and affidavits. Expert witness location. Special interest in vaccine damage cases and long term care/elder care issues. My associate and I bring a combined 42 years of professional nursing practice to our cases."


    Your most pressing concerns with the profession and healthcare: Concerns about the profession include:

    • Continued RN staffing issues. There continues to be a slow response/lack of concern and/or understanding by the medical community/government entities of the need to assure safe RN/patient ratios in all health care and health related settings.

    • Recruitment of future RN's. I am of the opinion that recruitment has to begin with the very young. I personally was exposed to the hospital setting at a very young age (6-7yr.) when I sometimes tagged along with my grandmother who was a pink lady at our small community hospital. I can remember wanting to be a nurse well before I entered middle school.

    • Lack of professionalism by current RN's. In 21yrs of nursing, I have seen way too many nurses who do not act in a professional, helpful, and courteous manner and who do not treat people (especially other nurses) with respect. I suppose this is another reason why I have chosen to start my own business as I can ensure my business will treat clients the way I want to be treated and provide services in a professional manner.
    Concerns about healthcare:
    • Rising costs of medical care and pharmaceuticals.

    • Lack of readily affordable healthcare (outside of the ER's) and support resources for the elderly on fixed incomes who do not qualify for Medicaid or other government programs.

    Rhonda K. Alfredson RN CLNC CRRN CCM COHN, Georgia Legal Nurse Consultants:"Discovery Partners provides a multitude of comprehensive nurse consulting services to attorneys, small and large businesses, and insurance companies. Services include Legal Nurse Consulting (med. mal, PI, WC, toxic torts, fraud, soc. security, PL, criminal, gen. negligence) , Disability and Workers' Compensation Case Management, Hearing Conservation Program Consultation and Administration, Ergonomics Consultations, Occupational Health Services Consultation, Medical/Health Related Educational offerings, as well as other consultative and support services."
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    "Changing roles of RN, LPN, HMO, managed care, ANA and how much politics is enough. Definition of professional nurse. Nursing Legalities."



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