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What Made You Decide To Start Your Own Business? @hospiceheroes @icoachnurses @pedagogymedical #nursefriendly


What made you decide to start your own business? With my accumulated experience in Hospice, I could see the gap in education and training for end of life professionals, so I began Pro Hospice Solutions, LLC. As CEO and Educator, I want to address this gap and ensure that end of life professionals are empowered to accept and embrace the gift of providing compassionate care for their patients.

Gwenn Dalton, RN, CEO/Educator, Pro Hospice Solutions, LLC, Texas Nurse Entrepreneurs, Hospice Educators:"Pro Hospice Solutions, LLC understands that care is more than tending to the physical end of life; it is a way of caring for the patient, their family, and support group. Through our community outreach programs, mentorship programs, and continuing education workshops, we empower those care givers and end of life professionals with the ability to advance quality of life and to accept the gift of providing a compassionate end of life for their patient or loved one. Above all, Pro Hospice Solutions, LLC is dedicated to providing training and support for those Hospice Heroes and Healthcare Warriors who continue to fight for end of life rights!
We provide the following educational services: Continuing Nursing Education and Continuing Education Workshops. End of Life Consumer Education Resources and Training. Mentorship and Training Programs for End of Life Professionals"
Street Address: 512 Ave E. Moody, Texas 76557
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What made you decide to start your own business? I'm an entrepreneur at heart, it was bound to happen

Anna Morrison, BA, BSN, RN, CLNC, The EntrepreneNurse Group, LLC, Florida Nurse-Entrepreneurs:"Speaker, Keynotes, Seminars, Nursing Career Coach & Strategist, Blogger, Author, Soon to be Radio Show Host"
Anna Morrison, BA, BSN, RN, CLNC
The EntrepreneNurse Group, LLC
P.O. Box 23892
Fort Lauderdale, Florida 33307

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What made you decide to start you own business? I have been in nursing 36 years. I enjoy working and anticipate working for 20 more years, and I wanted to be able to use the knowledge I have gained and expand on it. Legal nurse consulting gives me that opportunity. It keeps me stimulated and is the most exciting thing I have ever done in my nursing career.

Judi S. Brantley, RN BSN MEd. Certified Legal Nurse Consultant, Charleston Medical Legal Consultants, South Carolina Legal Nurse Consultants, Nursing Entrepreneurs, Nurse-Owned Businesses:Charleston Medical Legal Consultants, LLC provides Case Analysis for Medical Malpractice cases. This includes, but not limited to:

  1. Inventory for necessary medical records
  2. Screening for merit
  3. Identify adherences to/deviations from Standards of Care
  4. Medical story
  5. Chronologies with Lexis Nexis CaseMap/TimeMap
  6. Rendering list of potential defendants
  7. Educate in medical questions
  8. Medical Research
  9. Assist in locating expert witnesses
Charleston Medical Legal Consultants, LLC
3575 Maybank Hwy., Suite D192
Johns Island, South Carolina 29455
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What made you decide to start your own business?

I was teaching traditional classroom I.V. Educationand saw the many obstacles of this traditional type of education: getting the nurses to the course, expense, travel, schedule difficulties, different learning styles and paces. It occurred to me that there had to be a better way to provide these nurses the didactic portion of I.V. education in a capacity that met THEIR needs. My husband (and CTO) has over 28 years of experience in software and database architecture, and website management. So we dreamed up Pedagogy-which means "the art and science of teaching"and we were off! It is a great misconception that all there is to I.V. education is how to insert a cathetertake one of our courses and you will soon realizethere is a lot of knowledge a nurse must have to deliver infusion therapy to their patients safely.

Capra Dalton RN, CEO, Pedagogy Incorporated, Texas Nursing Entrepreneurs, Continuing Education (CEU) Providers:"Pedagogy Incorporated is a provider of nursing continuing education. We specialize in I.V. Therapy Education and Wound Care Education. We offer accredited courses to individual nurses, Long Term Care Facilities, Home Health Agencies, and Hospitals. Pedagogy can assist facilities and agencies with determining an Infusion Education plan that suits their unique market. Competency demonstration (skills) Checklists have been developed for all I.V. and Wound related skills and are available for those that choose Pedagogy Education. We are currently adding authors and expanding our course offerings to respiratory therapy, PT/OT's R.Ph. etc."

Tyler, Texas, 75703
E-mail Address:
Phone number: 903-504-8712
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Categories: Continuing Education, Educational Nurse Entrepreneurs, Infusion Therapy, Nurse-Owned Businesses, Nursing Continuing Education, Nursing Education, Transfusion Therapy, Wound Care


What made you decide to start your own business? Computer background and flexibility

Larry Snyder, BA, RN, DBA, RN.ORG, SA, Nursing Continuing Education Providers:"Larry Snyder, RN is the Founder and President of RN.ORG, SA. As a licensed healthcare professional with over 15 years of experience in nursing as well as a computer authority with in-excess of 20 years of experience, he is knowledgeable with the integration of healthcare and computers and sees a strong need for licensed professionals to maintain their license in an easy, convenient, comfortable no stress environment. Larry has worked in various aspects of nursing in many states in both large and small hospitals and has the experience and background to make healthcare and nursing education friendly. Larry also functioned as a consulant at large corporations in various aspects of IT management including CBS Sports,,, Universal Studios, Nickelodeon, Viacom, Flexsys and Monsanto. Larry also has served as an expert witness on several high profile cases throughout the United States sharing his valuable input as an experienced Emergency Room nurse."
Latin America Office (Corporate Offices)
Larry Snyder - RN.ORG, SA
CR 15A # 10A-03
El Poblado, Medellin, Colombia
Hospital Sales (English) USA: 1-954-369-4556
Hospital Sales (Espa- E.E.U.U): 1-860-786-1866
E-mail Address:
Blogs, Social Media (Twitter, Linkedin, Facebook, etc):
Phone number: 954-369-4556

Categories: Emergency Department Nursing, Nursing Continuing Education, Nursing Education Nursing Educators, Nursing/Healthcare Informatics


What made you decide to start your own business? Was the in-house consultant at a large law firm in Tampa, and decided to start my own business to help more and more clients. .

Andra DeCarlo, RN, Summit Medical Litigation Consulting, Inc.:"Andra DeCarlo, owner of Summit Medical Litigation Consulting and her team of nurses provide Legal Nurse Consulting for both defense and plaintiff attorneys looking for a clear explanation of what actually happened with the client. Is there a case? Is there a defense? We specialize in looking outside-the-box to help find the key to the case. Nursing home neglegance, PI, Medical Malpractice and more."
1586 El Tair Trail
Clearwater, FL, 33765
E-mail Address:

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What made you decide to start your own business? I was unable to help my colleagues and patients in the way I visioned and was getting increasingly frustrated!! I was an entrepreneur prio to becoming a nurse and set out to pursue Yoga Nursing and start a private practice.
View previous responses:

Annette Tersigni RN, Yoga Nursing:"I am the founder of Yoga Nurse Medical Yoga and Stress Management and am the creator of the enlightening new field of Yoga Nursing and the Yoga Nursing Institute. Yoga Nursing is the marriage of modern nursing science with the ancient science of yoga. My programs are endorsed by lots of doctors and health care providers as a safe therapy to decrease pain and suffering and help folks to find peace instead of going to pieces. I have dedicated the past 16 years educating people around the world on leading healthier, spiritual lifestyles and with a dose of tough love and loads of laughter helped them to WAKE UP and GET CONSCIOUS NOW.

I am a sought after no barriers heart felt speaker, coach, teacher and writer and am featured extensively in the media including in the Associated Press and on NBC, CBS, Fox News affiliates and have been interviewed on national TV by Arielle Ford as one of America's Experts. I am producing, writing, and acting in several DVD documentary/educational projects: I am training and coaching other nurses, yoga teachers and health professionals throughout the USA and Canada to be Yoga Nursing Therapists and I lead fantabulous Yoga and Juice fasting Makeover Retreats on the magnificent Pyrate laden Crystal Coast of North Carolina. My programs our hip, conscious, filled with hilarious humor, enlightening and designed to inspire and leave a legacy. This is the most prolific, jamming and juicy time of my life and I get to do it all by serving others. SERVING RULES!"
Street Address: 103 short st apt. E
Beaufort, North Carolina, 28516
E-mail Address:
Phone: 252.725.1924
Homepage Address:



Frustration with the system and with constant mergers and buy-outs.

Lucille "Lou" Addington, RN, CLNC, Florida:"We do medical-legal consulting for attorneys, insurance companies and HMO's, and private individuals. Presuit investigations and affidavits. Expert witness location. Special interest in vaccine damage cases and long term care/elder care issues. My associate and I bring a combined 42 years of professional nursing practice to our cases."


What made you decide to start your own business? The desire for greater independence and challenge in my professional career.

Rhonda K. Alfredson RN CLNC CRRN CCM COHN, Georgia Legal Nurse Consultants:"Discovery Partners provides a multitude of comprehensive nurse consulting services to attorneys, small and large businesses, and insurance companies. Services include Legal Nurse Consulting (med. mal, PI, WC, toxic torts, fraud, soc. security, PL, criminal, gen. negligence) , Disability and Workers' Compensation Case Management, Hearing Conservation Program Consultation and Administration, Ergonomics Consultations, Occupational Health Services Consultation, Medical/Health Related Educational offerings, as well as other consultative and support services."
P.O. Box 555
Conyers, Georgia 30012
Phone number: 770-602-4531


What made you decide to start your own business?: Dissatisfaction with current situation.

Dominique Ann Bernard, RN, BSN, Virginia Nurse Entrepreneurs:"My goal is to work from home. Currently I am employed in a psychiatric facility and I work part time in a geriatric setting. My interests are varied."


What made you decide to start your own business?: Fascinated with the industry

Sheryl D. Bisson, R.N.,, California Legal Nurse Consultants:"I offer services to aid in the resolution of medical-legal issues. I work for law firms, insurance companies and healthcare facilities. My services include, but are not limited to: medical record review and analysis; identifying applicable Standards of Care and deviations from the Standards; identifying records, policies and procedures and other essential documents for complete case reviews."
Specialty Areas: Coronary Care, Health law, Intensive Care, Medical Malpractice, Personal Injury, Worker's Compensation


What made you decide to start your own business? Flexibility in scheduling; retirement of senior partner with whom I have worked for many years.

Michelle L. Callan Nurse-Attorney:"Medical-legal consulting and trial assistance to attorneys for Personal Injury and Medical Malpractice cases."
13 Anchor Terrace, Rochester New York 14617
Phone number: 585-266-6574
Fax number: 585-266-6574


What made you decide to start your own business?: I started my first business to to fulfill a personal goal of Small Business Ownership, and the financial rewards. I started NursingCorp to be the culmination of all of my experience and skills, and to be a hallmark of all of my professional talents.

Joseph Caracci, RN, BSN, MBA,, Nursing Agencies, Staffing Software Support, Arizona Nursing Entrepreneurs:"NursingCorp offers serious investors and entrepreneurs the knowledge and assistance needed to enter the nurse staffing industry. We provide assistance establishing health care staffing companies, and development of nursing based software solutions. Our product offerings include a complete Nurse Registry Business Package, Nurse Staffing Software for use by Hospitals and Nurse Registries, Business Consultation, and customized software development. To learn more about how we can assist you. The founder of is a former Co-founder and President of a large Phoenix AZ based Nurse Registry."
3165 S. Alma School Road
Suite 29-260
Chandler, AZ 85248
Phone: 888-607-1492


What made you decide to start your own business? I was looking for extra income. While shopping on line for scrubs I found an offer to become a distributor and I decided to give it a try. I also was considering my future retirement and some financial security.

Alyce Clark, RN, Caregiver Scrubs, Nursing Uniforms, Nurse-Owned Businesses, Entrepreneurs:"Sales of scrubs and accessories to medical personnel in hospitals, clinics, doctor's offices, dental offices, and veterinary clinics."


What made you decide to start your own business?: I wanted a career that truly utilized my knowledge and experience as a nurse; a position that allowed greater flexibility in balancing career and family.

Natalie A. Cole, RN, BHSA, CMCN, LNC, West Virginia Legal Nurse Consultants:"I provide medical record reviews and case analyses for attorneys working in medical malpractice, wrongful death, personal injury, and general negligence. My skills and education as a Registered Nurse, in addition to my training as a Legal Nurse Consultant, eases the burden of other legal team members by allowing them to concentrate on other important areas of a case."
5167 Procious Maysel Road
Procious, West Virginia (WV) 25164
Phone number: (304) 587-7010


I enjoy helping people. The longer I was in the medical field and the more consulting I did, I saw a great need in the area of financial control. Hospitals were broke, companies were broke and the devastation I saw from that led me to help individuals focus on their own financial game plan - Especially physicians and nurses - they made the most money and spent the most - A typical physician earning about 125k a year was spending 150k a year - not a good financial position - So my crusade became that of educator -Educator and coach - getting health care professionals to develop and maintain a financial life.

Brigette M. Cutchins, RN, COHN, Colorado:"If you are like many people, you are in the dark about your finances. You pay your bills each month and do your best to prepare for the future. But the truth is, there is only so much money to go around and creating a financial game plan on your own can be overwhelming. PFS can help. A complimentary Financial Needs Analysis can help bring your current financial situation to light. It can show you where your finances stand today and what you need to do to prepare for tomorrow."
1932 S. Cedar Ave
Colorado Springs, Colorado (CO) 80906
Phone number: 866-303-0864 toll free or 719-499-9297
Fax number: 719-495-7100


What made you decide to start your own business?: Interest in Law and the relationship between medicine and law.

Lisa Desimon R.N, D.C, CLNC, Illinois Nurse Entrepreneurs:"Certified Legal Nurse Consultant business, serving as a consulting expert and testifying expert on a variety of medical/legal issues/cases."
7358 Timberwolf Trail
Fairview Heights, Illinois 62208


What made you decide to start your own business?: I have an 8 year old daughter who really needs me to be around more often, Having my own business allows me to create my own hours and spend more time with my daughter.

Baraka Dimson, BSN, New York City Nursing Agencies, Nurse-Owned Businesses:"Staff Nurse Inc. is a staffing agency for nursing homes in the state of New York. We staff nursing homes with qualified licensed practical nurses and registered professional nurses. Our rates are extremely competitive and we offer on-going staff development for our nurses. In addition to this we have a department that offers 5 weeks NCLEX review class for repeat NCLEX test takers only. We offer them the support they need and review in a small and intimate classroom environment. Our NCLEX review classes are so good, if after taking it the graduate nurse is still not successful, we allow him or her to continue taking our review classes up to 1 year until they pass the NCLEX and obtain their license.
312-316 East 149th street
Bronx New York Zip Code: 10452
Phone number: 718-772-6663 Fax number: 718-293-3980


What made you decide to start your own business?: Career change/ challenge

Patrick Dupont BSN, CRNA, CLNC Alpha Medical-Legal Consulting, Inc.:"25 years as an RN including 22 years as a Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist (CRNA) with extensive experience in anesthesia administration for surgical procedures including general, orthopedic, neurosurgical, cardiothoracic, vascular, ENT, GYN, trauma, plastic and reconstructive, cosmetic, interventional radiology, labor and delivery including administration and monitoring of labor epidurals, invasive line placement and monitoring, emergency airway management, outpatient and ambulatory surgical procedures, regional anesthetics, conscious sedation and post-anesthesia care.
15585 Ocean Walk Cir. #113
Fort Myers, Florida 33908 Phone: 239-297-9893, Fax: 239-425-1384


What made you decide to start your own business? I have always been intrigued with legal matters. I would like to help attorneys and their clients with my expertise and knowledge base. I like being my own boss.

Nancy Emma, RN, LNC, MLC Legal Nurse Consulting Services:"Screening of cases for merit, pagination & organization of medical records, Expert witness, Obtain expert witnesses for lawyers, identification of adherences to and departures from Standards of Care. Medical Malpractice, Personal Injury, Workman's Compensation both Defense and Plaintiff issues."
Specialty Areas: California Nurse Entrepreneurs, Consulting, Expert Witness, Emergency Department Nursing, Expert Witness (And Locating of Same), Medical Malpractice, Personal Injury, Workman's Compensation


What made you decide to start your own business? Political & Economic factors

Debra L. Fore, RN, MSN, Vista HealthCare Consulting:"Legal Nurse Consultant, primarily Medical Malpractice and Personal Injury, Social Security Claimants' Representative."
Specialty areas: Adult Critical Care, Disability, Legal Nurse Consultant, Medical Malpractice, Oncology, Personal Injury, Renal Dialysis, Social Security Claims Telemetry-Step Down


What made you decide to start your own business?: Flexibility

Deborah Hafernick, RN, CLNC, Hafernick Legal-Nurse Consulting, Texas Legal Nursing Consultants:"Medical-legal consulting practice in Houston, Texas, specialing in evaluating cases for merit and interpretation of the medical record for both plaintiff and defense attorneys to help them save money by organizing their cases faster and win because they understand them. Also research and provide medical literature/standards of care for issues that support their case. Testifying expert identification and location, demonstrative evidence development, etc."
Specialty Areas: Cardiac Cathetherization Lab, Medical Malpractice, Nursing Education, Personal Injury, Product Liability, Social Security Disability Claims, Toxic Torts, Workers Compensation


What made you decide to start your own business?: The need to try to make a difference, and to see if I could make it on my own.

Angela Halley RN, BSN, CLNC, River View Legal Nurse Consulting:"We specialize in providing legal nurse consulting services to attorneys (plaintiff and defense), insurance companies, workman's compensation firms, and individual institutions for risk management services. Our firm has over 20 years of nursing experience in psychiatric, labor and delivery, pulmonary, neurology, medical/surgical nursing, and many areas of nursing management. River View Legal Nurse Consultants provides a time efficient and cost effective answer to your legal nurse consulting needs."
64 Deenie Dr
Bidwell, Ohio 45614
Phone number: 740-245-9891, Fax number: 740-245-0153


"What made you decide to start your own business? Ability to work from home, own boss, less stress, more money."

Lisa M. Heck, R.N., Legal Nurse Consultant, Maryland Nurse Entrepreneurs:"Legal Nurse Consulting, expert in neonatology and Pediatrics Emergency."


What made you decide to start your own business?: Autonomy. Money. Respect. A vision to provide a fun and lucrative environment for nurses to work.


I started my business because this has always been my dream, I went back to college to receive by MBA in heath services management. LNC is a business I can use all my skills. Love what I am doing and get paid for doing it.

Mary Rosabell Higgins, BSN, Registered Nurse, M. R. Higgins & Associates Legal Nurse Consultants:"M. R. Higgins & Associates-Legal Nurse Consultants, a professional service company specializing in litigation review. Established in 1997, the company is headquartered in San Francisco, California. Services include: comprehensive medical research; investigation of medical records to determine accuracy and or tampering; translation of medical terminology and deposition reports; and, interpretation of health science literature and documents. Consultation also comprises developing chronological summary reports from medical records. Reports often include analytical commentary.


What made you decide to start your own business: To share knowledge with others globally and the web was an ideal way

Virginia Janovsky, RN, MN, MS, California Nurse Entrepreneurs:
Specialty Areas: Cardiology, Continuing Education (CEU), Intensive Care Unit (ICU), Medical Surgical


What made you decide to start your own business?: Flexibility and self-reliance

Diane L. Kensler, RN, COHN, CLNC, New Jersey Legal Nurse Consultants:"Legal Nurse Consulting business serving attorneys, managed care companies, and insurance companies."


What made you decide to start your own business?: I wanted to have more control over my financial situation.

LeaRae Keyes, RN, BSN, PHN, CDMS, CCM, Nurse Entrepreneur Network, Minnesota Nursing Entrepreneurs:The network provides online and telephonic training, networking, and coaching. Our focus is to provide marketing and business solutions for nurse entrepreneurs so they can succeed and prosper. We also strive to foster an environment of sharing and support amoung our members."
Categories: Associations for Entrepreneurs, Case Management, Coaching, Education, Home Health Care, Nurse-Owned Business.


"What made you decide to start your own business? Wanted to work from home. I had worked as a legal secretary for many years prior to becoming a nurse and have always been interested in medical/legal issues."

Merrie A Kidd, R.N., B.S.N., Medical Records Review, Louisiana Nurse Entrepreneurs:"Medical Records Review produces thorough and comprehensive reviews of medical records to assist attorneys who are preparing for trial. The final written product includes a chronological timeline corresponding to a tabbed index of the medical records, an introduction that defines medical terms and procedures, a narrative summary of the medical record, and a discussion of the merits of the case utilizing the complaint or petition for damages as a reference point. Additional services include preparation of draft submissions for medical panel review and preparation of interrogatories for depositions."


What made you decide to start your own business?: My mother died as a result of medical negligence. It was my call to take action to educate others.

Gerry A. Kinjorski, BS, RN, CLNC, Aidant Research Nurses, Inc., Florida Nursing Entrepreneurs:"Aidant Research Nurses, Inc., is a legal nurse consulting firm that serves the patient-client and the attorney. If you have questions concerning negligence or medical-malpractice, personal injury or assault, toxic tort, worker's comp or any medical injury you may need Aidant."
7 So. Aurora Ave.
13019 Coastal Circle
Palm Beach Gardens, Florida 33410
Phone number: (561) 627-9872


What made you decide to start your own business?: Desire to retire from bedside nursing and seek financial freedom

Kim Markuly, RN, Living Well Solutions:"Consulting and marketing business focused on true prevention with Wellness programs, products and services. Customizing and integrating proven Wellness programs for a wide range of healthcare providers, clinics and businesses interested in promoting health and preventing disease."
5001 Spring Valley Road
Dallas, Texas 75088


What made you decide to start your own business? The natural ability to initiate change and willingness to work long hours until the job was complete. I did this for the college, worked 60 hour weeks for 40 hour pay, was responsible for everything but received no recognition and no pay raise. After 4 years of teaching nursing and nursing in the hospital 15 years for such a low pay scale I realized I would have to take matters in my own hand to find my way to the wealth I desired.I am passionalte about my Nursing Entrepreneurial Career and desire to help nurses all over find the security, satisfaction in their nursing career as I have found. That's why I created Nursing Success System, a system or method of conducting business that has already been proven to succeed.

Tracy McClelland, RN, MSN, Ycarte Health Career Center, Georgia Nursing Entrepreneurs:"Opening doors to the Nursing Profession is our primary concern. We are a nursing tutorial facility designed to assist our community by training healthcare professions with the most updated nursing information and training equipment. We focus on assisting individuals who want to advance in the healthcare profession, or begin with an entry level into healthcare. Our goal is to bring education to you in a comfortable non-threatening environment that allows for learning. Whether you are new to healthcare or desire to advance in this profession, we can provide you with the training you need."
Tracy McClelland, RN, MSN, Ycarte Health Career Center
North Pointe Plaza
1214 North Peterson Ave. Suite P
Douglas, GA 31533
Phone: (912) 384-8680
Fax: (912) 384-4390

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Adult Critical Care Nursing
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Georgia Nurse Entrepreneurs, Nurse Owned Businesses
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Remediation NCLEX Review (One- on- One)


What made you decide to start your own business?: Personal interest in law.

Stephen Motyka, RN, BSN, MD, Medmal Consulting of Michigan:"Medmal Consulting Of Michigan is a Legal Nurse Consulting firm that is dedicated to providing our attorney clients with affordable Medicolegal Research."
Specialty Areas: Medical-legal Consulting, Military Nursing, Nurse Paralegals


What made you decide to start your own business?: I like the idea of being my own boss.....I want to "work smarter, not harder."

Teddi Nuss, RN, Mid-South Litigation Support Services:"We use our knowledge and experience to help attorneys de-mystify the medical issues in legal cases. We provide screening for merit, medical record review, interpretation and organization, time line chronologies, case summary, medical literature research, and written reports (on paper and/or disk). We collaborate with attorneys to develop a cost effective and winning aproach to the medical issues in their cases."
    1534 California Avenue Lot N

Camden Arkansas (AR) 71701
Phone: 870-836-1156
Fax: 870-836-1185


What made you decide to start your own business?: I have worked for an agency off and on for 10 years and finally decided I did not want someone taking a cut of what I made.



Andrew Lopez, RN
Nursefriendly, Inc. A New Jersey Corporation.
38 Tattersall Drive, Mantua New Jersey 08051 ICQ #6116137
856-415-9617, (fax) 415-9618

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