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Acid-Base Metabolism; In partnership with Medidactic, Capra Dalton, #RN @pedagogymedical #nurseup #nursefriendly

Acid-Base Metabolism; In partnership with Medidactic, Capra Dalton, #RN @pedagogymedical #nurseup #nursefriendly:"Learning acid-base metabolism has always been a challenging task for healthcare students, both nurses and physicians. Nevertheless, as acid-base disturbances are life threatening and demand rapid analysis and correction, their understanding is of critical importance.
The acid-base Insight Generator™ was designed to endow the students with both the knowledge and understanding of acid-base metabolic disturbances and a sense of competence. The courseware consists of interactive chapters, gradually progressing from biochemical introduction to interactive, clinical case scenarios. At scenario stage the students must first diagnose the clinical problem (i.e. a panic attack giving rise to hyperventilation), then diagnose the acid-base disturbance according to the lab results (i.e. respiratory alkalosis) and last decide on appropriate means of intervention (i.e. means for closed-loop respiration).

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Capra Dalton RN, CEO, Pedagogy Incorporated, Texas Nursing Entrepreneurs, Continuing Education (CEU) Providers:"Pedagogy Incorporated is a provider of nursing continuing education. We specialize in I.V. Therapy Education and Wound Care Education. We offer accredited courses to individual nurses, Long Term Care Facilities, Home Health Agencies, and Hospitals. Pedagogy can assist facilities and agencies with determining an Infusion Education plan that suits their unique market. Competency demonstration (skills) Checklists have been developed for all I.V. and Wound related skills and are available for those that choose Pedagogy Education. We are currently adding authors and expanding our course offerings to respiratory therapy, PT/OT's R.Ph. etc."
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