Monday, February 11, 2013

"Celebrate Nursing" @CoachScala - Join us for #RNFMRadio for their 50th Episode Celebration with Top Nursing Thought Leaders #nursingsociety

Celebrate Nursing!

rnfm radioWow. The Energy is pulsing very strongly right now! Can you feel it? It vibrates through me, among nurses, and within our profession. An amazing celebration is underway! I am absolutely thrilled, honored, and quite humbled actually to be one of the eight nurse leaders who will be interviewed on RN.FM Radio: Nursing Unleashed.

This really is a fabulous week! Nurses Keith Carlson and Kevin Ross are passionate, wise, fun, and absolutely brilliant in what they do. On Monday nights they bring uplifting, educational, inspiring, and informational resources to nurses worldwide- all through their internet radio show. And now they have reached a major milestone! Let’s bring our energy together, bring our hands together, and congratulate them on 50 episodes of nursing empowerment! I am proud to know these two men; proud to be a nurse in this magnificent profession.

Nursing really is an art and a science. We all learn the skills, techniques, and information from our various nursing radioprograms. We advance ourselves into our specialities and go on to graduate with higher level degrees of education. We become certified, pass exams, take classes, and complete contact hours. But nursing is more than just studying the body… And as we have learned in the past 49 episodes of RN.FM Radio- nursing is a beautiful, diverse, and unique profession.

Those of you who have been reading my blog and following my work, know that I absolutely value support, collaboration, and receiving help from our colleagues. In addition to bringing us resources and new information, Keith and Kevin have created a community of strong nursing leaders. Tomorrow night we will all come together for a fun and fantastic 50th episode celebration. Here is the phenomenal line-up of nurse experts who will be featured in this event:

  • Theresa Brown:  New York Times Blogger/Nurse will talk about: the importance of nurses sharing their stories.
  • Elizabeth Scala: Nurse Coach and Wellness Expert will share her wisdom re: “Fill Your Cup Up: Self Love IS Self Care”
  • Andrew Lopez: Nurse Advocate and Entrepreneur will discuss the issue of Mandating Flu Vaccines, (and firing nurses who refuse)!
  •  Beth Boynton:  Nurse Consultant and Author will explain why it can be so challenging to ‘speak up’ with “The Complexity of Assertiveness”
  • Renee Thompson Nurse Consultant, Trainer, Speaker, Author will speak to us about bullying in nursing!
  •  Annette Tersigni Nurse, Yoga Expert, & Passionate Rebel will be talking with us about  “Please Do Not Burnout the Nurse”
  •  Carol Gino: Nurse, Author & Transpersonal Psychologist will speak about “Nurses & Unicorns”
  • Jerome Stone: Nurse Author and Meditation Expert will bring it all together with “Presence in the Workplace”!

So come join us Monday night and tune in to RN.FM Radio: Nursing Unleashed! The show airs live on blog talk radio at 9 pm Eastern 2/11/2013. If you can, call in and say “Hi!” Celebrate yourself, your career, and your profession with us! Uplift and embrace all of the wonder and beauty that nursing has to offer. (And if you miss the “LIVE” show you can always save the link and check out the replay).

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