Sunday, May 15, 2011

#Health Guides, Why is Your Profile Unclaimed? And do you Endorse Abilify For Bipolar Women? ? - #OrganizedWisdom #endtofarms

Organized Wisdom?

How many other expert profiles are "unclaimed" out of 5700?

How many of your "Touted" experts have no idea, they are being used?

As a Registered Nurse, Business Owner and Licensed Nurse, I'd strongly object to a website profiling me, then submitting my name, picture and likeness to promote their site.

It is especially misleading for Organized Wisdom to do this since it implies that their curators endorse the links, Drug Advertising and consumer advocacy mission the site claims to be on.

Notify your curators that they are profiled!!!!!

Andrew Lopez, RN


Health Guides shared this about Bipolar Symptoms in Women WisdomCard

A brief digest about this topic

Bipolar disorder is a pattern of extreme episodes of emotional highs followed by emotional lows. While men and women are equally like to have a bipolar disorder, this disorder manifests itself differently in each sex. Women are more likely to develop bipolar II. Bipolar II symptoms will rarely include mania, but will more often involve mild episodes of hypomania followed by ...

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