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"Would You Recommend Nursing" by Annette Tersigni #RN, The #Yoga#Nurse, @theyoganurse #Nursefriendly #nurseup

"Would You Recommend Nursing" by Annette Tersigni #RN, The #Yoga#Nurse, @theyoganurse #Nursefriendly  #nurseup:"Nursing is a calling. I am a non-traditional nurse and I recommend non-traditional nursing. I was called when I was 48 years young and graduated at 51. The smartest move I ever made in my life. Becoming a nurse was not what I expected though. The ‘eating your young thing.’ Yikes! I was and am still a yoga teacher, all about ‘expanding consciousness’ loving kindness, compassion. Sadly I found that the nurses I first worked with at a big ‘law dee da’ famous hospital were less than supportive. Then I moved to a small town in North Carolina with a 140-bed hospital. It all changed. The nurses there were awesome and helped me to become a competent cardiac nurse.
Still there was the endless backbiting and gossip about other nurses. This was shocking to me because of my formation in spiritual practices, including a stint in a convent. Truth be told, when I hung out at the convent, I was also shocked that the nuns also gossiped about each other and that shattered my image on both accounts. The first nurses, it is said, were nuns. Hmmm."
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