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Certified Health And Wellness Coaching Programs For Nurses, @tinalancio,

Certified Health And Wellness Coaching Programs For Nurses, @tinalancio”So now that you’ve gotten your house in order (go back and read RN Wellness Coaching) it’s time for you to pick from the seven health and wellness coaching programs listed below. Each one teaches you how to be an effective coach for the people you want to serve. But before picking a program, you may want to pick a specialty or niche you are interested in.
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Tina Lanciault, RN,, Delaware Nurse Entrepreneurs, @tinalancio:”I provide nursing career advice and business ideas through my writing on both of my sites for new nursing grads and nurses wanting to make a change especially those nurses who are burnout and want to leave the bedside. There are options such as nurse entrepreneurship, Holistic nursing and Nursing Informatics, available to all nurses including LPN/LVNs. Lots of nursing resources, tips on finding a job or creating your own job plus many other tips and information just for nurses.”
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Yoga Nursing Training Essentials, Online from Annette Tersigni, RN @Theyoganurse
Power Strategies for Nurses Who Care from Carol Gino, RN. New York Times Best-Selling Author of The Nurses Story.”Nurses… What To Do When Helping Hurts. Watch the full Survival Guide for Nurses Who Care video and learn power strategies that will work for you.”
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Traits & Qualities That Make Nurses Excellent Entrepreneurs
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