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This website is intended to be a resource for Legal Nurse Consultants, Attorneys looking to use their services, and nurses looking to enter the field of Legal Nurse Consulting. On our site you'll find a directory of LNCs by state and specialty.

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Legal Eagles: Put nursing, law and business together and what do you get? The exciting field of legal nurse consulting! By Barbara Marquand,"Gloria Blackmon, RNC, BSN, LNC, LNHA, never met the young man who lost his legs, but after reading over his medical records, the compassion she felt for him was as strong as if he had been her own patient. The young man had been living in an intermediate care facility for developmentally disabled adults when circulation problems in his legs became so severe that both limbs had to be amputated. His parents sued the facility and it was Blackmon’s job, as a legal nurse consultant for their attorney, to review the records and determine if they had a valid case."
Peter Fuhrman National Sales Manager
49 Foy Drive Hamilton Square, NJ 08690
phone: (609) 689-1033 fax: (609) 689-1034


Combine Nursing and the Law through Legal Nurse Consulting, Meghan Persichino, RN, BSN, LNC,"Nursing and the law: While some nurses think only of the possibility of being sued, others understand the power of this partnership in improving health. These forward-thinking nurses are blazing a trail as legal nurse consultants (LNCs). An Emerging Role Nurses have been working alongside attorneys for almost 25 years, if not more. These nurses went by titles such as "nurse paralegal," "medical litigation consultant," and other monikers. In some instances, they combined the duties of both the paralegal and nursing professions; there was no uniform role definition."


Switching Gears Becoming a Legal Nurse Consultant Diane Barnet, RN, BA,"It sounded so easy. On the strength of a guest opinion piece I wrote about the nursing shortage for The Dallas Morning News, an attorney contacted me in the spring of 2002. I was suspicious. What would a lawyer want from me? “I’d like to send you a case,” he offered. “But I don’t have any legal background,” I protested. “That doesn’t matter,” he replied. “You can write.”"


Legal Nurse Consultant by Sara Courson, BSN, Career Development, PA State Nurses Association:"Legal Nurse Job Search Quick Links: What is a Legal Nurse Consultant Educational Requirements Specialty Certification Salary Ranges Entry Advice Associations Publications Schools References About the Author."
PA State Nurses Association
2578 Interstate Drive, Suite 101
Harrisburg, PA 17110
1-888-707-7762 717-657-1222
FAX: 717-657-3796


Legal Consulting by Nurses, By Joy Collins, RN, BSBA, CLNC, LNCC, Wild Iris Medical Education, Inc.:"Nurses have been assisting attorneys with their medically related cases for far longer than is generally realized. It is only lately that the sub-specialty of legal nurse consulting has become a recognized field of nursing that the media has thrust into the mainstream. As far back as the 1980s (and probably earlier), nurses and other medical professionals were assisting the legal world to arrive at a fair settlement by moving through the quagmire of medical records and jargon that we nurses take for granted."
Wild Iris Medical Education
PO Box 257 Comptche, CA 95427
(707) 937-0518 ph (707) 937-2546 fax


Medical Information, The Internet, and You By Janabeth Fleming Evans R.N., R.N.C.," As a medical-legal consultant and Internet researcher I am asked every day to find authoritative medical literature references for a broad spectrum of topics. The information I am looking for may be used to support a claim, to debunk an expert theory, or to educate the attorney during the course of a case evaluation. Changes in the way medical information is stored, accessed, and retrieved have created a wealth of health care information. The Internet provides free access to a great deal of the medical literature, either in full text or citation/abstract format. Because anyone with access to the Web can establish a Web page, many medical sites contain little useful information, even though they may be visually appealing. For this reason, the quality of information available varies from very good to poor, and some sites even intend to mislead. It is important to search for peer reviewed information, from an authoritative source.
1275 Shiloh Road Suite 3130 Kennesaw, Georgia 30144
Phone: 770.805.0460 800.338.5954 Fax: 770.805.0430


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