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Myths About Heart Disease - Nursing Link

Anita Manning | USA TODAY

February 01, 2011

Imagine hearing news of a catastrophe causing the deaths of 2,200 Americans every day — an average of one every 39 seconds.

A plague? Nuclear fallout?

It’s heart disease, which includes diseases of the heart and circulatory system. The No. 1 killer stalking the world, cardiovascular diseases cause more deaths than all forms of cancer combined.

It’s an equal-opportunity destroyer, although it does have a preference for people of color and those over 65. But no age, race or economic class is immune.

“There’s a lack of awareness of what ideal cardiovascular health really is,” says Ralph Sacco, president of the American Heart Association. While 35% of people surveyed say they’re in good health, when quizzed about seven major health factors — diet, activity level, blood pressure, cholesterol, weight, blood sugar and smoking status — only about half of 1% hit all the targets for good health, he says. “People think they’re healthier than they are,” he says, making it less likely that they’ll take steps to reduce their heart risks.

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Sacco and other heart experts highlight 10 myths of heart disease:

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