Monday, February 21, 2011

On February 23rd blow the whistle on bullying, BC Nurses Union

Wednesday February 23rd is Anti-Bullying Day also known as Pink Shirt Day. The goal is to raise awareness of the harmful impacts of workplace bullying. BCNU members and stewards will be taking action to highlight this important day at worksites throughout the province.

Bullying and horizontal violence in nursing

In 2005 Statistics Canada reported that bullying and horizontal violence affects many Canadian nurses:

  • Almost 50 percent of nurses report emotional abuse at work
  • 46 percent of nurses report they were exposed to hostility or conflict from co-workers

Bullying is aggressive, persistent and intentional behaviour where any reasonable person should know their behaviour is unwelcome by the victim.

Bullying isn't normal rudeness or properly discharged managerial activities. Bullying is more than normal workplace conflict – it creates toxic workplaces that are often difficult to change. If you believe bullying is an issue at your worksite, contact your BCNU steward.

To make a difference in your workplace, know your "Respect in the Workplace" policy and procedures. To learn more about bullying:

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