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7 Things Your Doctor Might Not Explain You

Visiting a doctor periodically for a check-up and getting tested alone does not prevent you from illnesses or risks. You have to get your medical examiner to be open and honest with you about the risks that you are facing if you do not commit to the said lifestyle changes, if there is a need for doing so.

7 Things Your Doctor Might Not Explain You

1. The Facts Behind 'Quit Smoking'

Any doctor is not going to be an alarmist and so the general advice would be to 'Quit smoking'. What he might not be telling you are the facts and the benefits behind quitting smoking. For instance, research has established that even a man who has been smoking for more than 20 years can reduce his risk of suffering a stroke hardly a year after quitting smoking. After a full year, your risk of suffering a heart attack will be equal to that of a non-smoker. It is up to you to decide if your health and your family’s happiness are as important to you as the 2.5 inches of nicotine rush or not.

2. The Truth Behind 'Exercise and Workout'

Typically whether you weigh the right amount for your age and height or not, your doctor is prone to advise you to 'Exercise and Work out'. If you are fit and exercise regularly, he is likely to ask you to keep it up. On the other hand, if you are overweight and do not exercise, he is going to insist that you start on an exercise regime immediately and keep pushing yourself just a little bit harder outside your comfort zone for best results. But what he might not tell you is that just three strenuous workouts a week are enough for you to show significant results in your overall health. But remember, not to exert yourself too much as it will have an adverse effect on your health.

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