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This is an open letter to Organized Wisdom, and specifically to Dave Yost, RN , @InfoTechRN and other nurses who have been "profiled" without their knowledge.

We have made a very simple request of Unity Stoakes, President of Organized Wisdom - Notify All Your Curators, that they are being profiled, and their Twitter streams harvested.

Despite our requests, they continue to stall, stonewall, make excuses - so, we've decided to do the Nursing notifications ourselves.

Did you know Organized Wisdom is looking to profit from your name, reputation and would like to keep you in the dark as long as possible?

Like you, I was profiled on Organized Wisdom and my tweets being "harvested" and added to their index.

When displayed in their index, my name, my photo and drug advertising were displayed prominently. Same with yours.

So, a few questions.

1. Did you know you were profiled on Organized Wisdom? Most nurses (and doctors) contacted do not. Almost every profile I've come across is "Unclaimed"

2. Do you consent to your name/likeness being used to promote their site? Are you OK with them selling you as an "expert"

3. Do you consent to your tweet streams, being harvested, unfiltered and added to an organization that chiefly sells drug advertising? It implies your endorsement.

4. Did you know, once submitted, your favorite sites are copied, plagiarized and their copyrights infringed upon.

5. Did you know, that as a "curator" you receive no compensation, even though Organized Wisdom makes money hand over fist from drug advertising. Can you say exploitation?

6. Did you know, that Organized Wisdom is now competing with you in the search engines, using your name, likeness?


This is not a new issue, nor are the abusive, exploitative and plagiaristic practices employed by Organized Wisdom.

More Organized Wisdom Un-Fair Play, Dr. R.L.Bates:"Fellow bloggers do you remember Wellsphere? Well, the latest “thief” of our information using our reputations and twitter feeds in a similar way is Organized Wisdom. Check out @laikas recent blog post on the topic: Expert Curators, WisdomCards & The True Wisdom of @organizedwisdom

A discussion of the business practices we object to can be found here:

OrganizedWisdom's Twitter Hashtag #organizedwisdom

HONcode violations can be reported here if you feel you're being exploited: http://bit.ly/k8G096

More on copyright issues explained by Dr. Simon Sikorski

Healthcare Marketing Center of Excellence, Copyright Violations:"There was much debate over what is construed as Fair Use. Some are fine with OrganizedWisdom plagiarizing their websites word for word and making money off of their work. Major concerns raised during #EndToFarms chat: 1) OrganizedWisdom not only plagiarizes but claims ownership of your work. They include -"OrganizedWisdom" next to every piece of information that has been copied from your copyrighted material 2) Just because OrganizedWisdom links to your work does not in any manner constitute "Fair Use" 3) In many cases, the doctors' own names were displayed infringing on major privacy concerns 5) The link itself is not the plagiarism we refer to. We couldn't care less about the link. What is important:"

I'll be happy to answer any questions as well.

Andrew Lopez, RN @andrewlopezRN, info@nursefriendly.com 856-415-9617


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