Wednesday, May 25, 2011

#OrganizedWisdom, Recent Enhancements Made to - Dr. Simon Sikorski, @MedMarketingCOE #health

In a recent ploy to counter the multitude of concerns, OrganizedWisdom decided to use this time for marketing purposes, to describe new features via their Blog rather than answer direct questions. You can read about all the technical details here: Investigation of OrganizedWisdom

Is OrganizedWisdom answering our concerns? Clearly not:

  • Improved Search "Now clearly designates between “experts” and “topics” making it easier for people to find specific health experts or have the ability to find people MY REPLIES:
  • Many experts are NOT experts at all
  • Most of people's searches are both personal and un-related to healthcare ... at all.
  • OrganizedWisdom is a simple content farm where any and all information is adequate and is provided into un-filtered links

  • How we label people - "We no longer refer to those in our system as “curators”. We received a good deal of feedback about this. We have changed everything to simply clearly designate what type to expert or profile someone is by using tags, badges and labels to clearly distinguish. This makes it easy for people to quickly know if someone is a PhD, a Nurse, an Allergist or a Surgeon for example." MY REPLIES:
  • "Curators" - have now been replaced by word EXPERT (and as we have seen, the definition of an "expert" is virtually "anyone on Twitter or Facebook)
  • While the badges and tags are an improvement, the key question remains: DID YOU SIGN UP FOR A PROFILE AT ORGANIZEDWISDOM?


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