Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Concerning Amanda Trujillo, RN, Letter To Arizona State Board of Nursing, by Anna Morrison, BA, BSN, RN, CLNC, @icoachnurses #nursefriendly

This form letter is reprinted by permission of Anna, kindly circulate, repost, e-mail to the state board or call :) Andrew Lopez, RN @nursefriendly


My open letter to the AZ BON:

Arizona State Board of Nursing
4747 North 7th Street, Suite 200
Phoenix, AZ 85014-3655

602-771-7800 Phone
602-771-7888 Fax Email

To whom it may concern,

In the case of Amanda Trujillo, RN, a profoundly negative and chilling precedent threatens to silence nurses in their efforts to uphold their solemn oaths to protect, educate and advocate for their patients.

Additionally, a patient's Right to Know and Right to Self-Determination are directly in jeopardy.

National Nursing groups, Patients' Rights Advocacy groups, and the media have been put on alert and are watching this case carefully, hoping that the AZ BON makes the right choice to support the education and interventional activities of a nurse, who discovered a severe knowledge deficit in her patient and operated within her scope to rectify it.

It would be a shameful to set a precedent that re-defines our profession and the collaborative health care model that we thought we operated in for the good of our patients.

I respectfully request that you consider dropping the complaint filed against Amanda Trujillo's license and the case against her.

Best regards,
Anna Morrison, BA, BSN, RN, CLNC

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