Wednesday, March 1, 2023

“Everyone claims to be a warrior until it’s time to do warrior stuff” - Are you mentally prepared?
Day 2 : NEXT STEPS: BUILDING A PARALLEL SOCIETY:"We started our day with an impromptu one-on-one (well two) Hyperbaric Oxygen Chamber education session with Bill Schindler, who opened the first Hyperbaric Oxygen Chamber clinic 23 years ago. He told us the most fascinating story, and schooled us on the SINGLE MOST IMPORTANT therapy, prevention, and treatment for pretty much any disease or illness you can imagine. Hint: It’s way more than the 13 or so diagnoses that are approved for in hospital use. We will share MUCH MORE about this later, as he is speaking tomorrow, but for now, let’s just say…when in doubt, go find a hyperbaric oxygen chamber…preferably one of his :)"


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