Tuesday, March 7, 2023

Rare Courage: Standing For Right When You're Surrounded by Wrong By Jodi O'Malley, MSN, RN

Unveiling the truth and corruption taken place in a federal hospital for Native Americans. Follow the story of Project Veritas HHS Vaccine Nurse Whistleblower, Jodi O’Malley as she takes you through her journey with Covid and how her faith got her through it all.

PHOENIX, AZ- With Rare Courage, journey through one nurse's Covid pandemic experience as she navigates her way through the federal hospital system and struggles to advocate for Native Americans in need of health care.

In this nonfiction narrative, O'Malley clearly outlines how fear based propaganda messaging ushered in ethical dilemmas and unscientific protocols such as:

    Faulty testing

    Harmful quarantine & isolation measures

    Absurd PPE protocols

    Removal of the advocate from bedside

    Detrimental hospital policies

    Incentivized medicine

    Lack of informed consent

    Refusal of early treatment

You’ll experience the struggles of navigating pandemic policies, fighting for patient safety, and ethical principles ultimately believing in faith, opposed to living in fear. Through submission to God’s will, that deepened their relationship, she asked Him to show her the way and she obeyed.

Foreword by Dr. Peter A. McCullough, MD, MP

In the setting of a crisis, the rarity of courage cannot be overstated.  We have seen this throughout the SARS-CoV-2 pandemic.  Compassion, critical thinking, and careful re-evaluation  were thrown out the windows of hospitals as mass panic and  government bribes ushered in nihilistic protocols and horrific  new standards of care resulting in deadly outcomes for patients  who were denied early home treatment and found themselves hospitalized with COVID-19.

Jodi O’Malley is a mother, nurse, heroine, and patriot who would not stand by and let SARS-CoV-2 slaughter her patients.  She set out to tell the world what really happened inside of hospitals in this gripping account of her nursing career during the pandemic. With the strength of a lioness, she risked it all  and paid the professional price for blowing the whistle on wrongdoing and exposing the corruption, lies, and malfeasance within hospital and nursing administrations. 

In this masterful work of nonfiction, O’Malley tells the world the truth when millions of nurses are complicit or too frightened to stand up for their patients to this day. We can all take heart in the odyssey of Jodi O’Malley and the rare courage she displayed while standing for right when she was surrounded by wrong.

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