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Annette Tersigni RN, Yoga Nursing®, @theyoganurse:"I am the founder of Yoga Nurse Medical Yoga and Stress Management and am the creator of the enlightening new field of Yoga Nursing® and the Yoga Nursing Institute. Yoga Nursing is the marriage of modern nursing science with the ancient science of yoga. My programs are endorsed by lots of doctors and health care providers as a safe therapy to decrease pain and suffering and help folks to find peace instead of going to pieces. I have dedicated the past 16 years educating people around the world on leading healthier, spiritual lifestyles and with a dose of tough love and loads of laughter helped them to WAKE UP and GET CONSCIOUS NOW.
I am a sought after no barriers heart felt speaker, coach, teacher and writer and am featured extensively in the media including in the Associated Press and on NBC, CBS, Fox News affiliates and have been interviewed on national TV by Arielle Ford as one of America's Experts. I am producing, writing, and acting in several DVD documentary/educational projects: I am training and coaching other nurses, yoga teachers and health professionals throughout the USA and Canada to be Yoga Nursing Therapists and I lead fantabulous Yoga and Juice fasting Makeover Retreats on the magnificent Pyrate laden Crystal Coast of North Carolina. My programs our hip, conscious, filled with hilarious humor, enlightening and designed to inspire and leave a legacy. This is the most prolific, jamming and juicy time of my life and I get to do it all by serving others. SERVING RULES!"
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5 Reasons Every Yoga Teacher Should Pursue a 500-Hour RYT Certification, Prema Yoga, LLC.:"Whether you have recently finished your 200-hour RYT certification or have been considering (and putting off) going for your advanced yoga teacher training certification, this blog will explore a few reasons every yoga teacher should pursue their 500-hour RYT certifications. With advanced yoga teacher training, you will not only learn more about yoga, philosophy, and how to be a great teacher, but you will be more likely to start or improve your yoga business thanks to your superior credentials. If you're still on the fence about earning your 500-hour yoga teacher certification, keep reading for five reasons every yoga teacher should pursue a RYT-500 yoga teacher certification."


Yoga Teacher Certifications Explained: RYT 200, RYT 300, RYT 500 – Yoga Instructor Levels Demystified:"If you've been contemplating becoming a certified yoga teacher you may have wondered what the difference between 200 hour, 300 hour, and 500 hour yoga teacher certifications are. In this article we're going to explore the different certification levels for yoga teachers. If you've been having a hard time choosing which yoga teacher training certification level to pursue, hopefully, this will help guide you!"
 The Yogatique
 1752 NW Market St #4309
 Seattle, WA 98107 USA
 Phone: 1 (206) 569-8716


RYT 500, Yoga Alliance:"Teachers can register as a RYT® 500 if they have successfully completed a 500-hour yoga teacher training that is registered with Yoga Alliance. The 500 hours of training can either come from one school or can be a combination of a 200-hour teacher training plus 300 hours of advanced training from a RYS 300. Advanced training is defined as training that requires participants to have completed a 200-hour training. Applicants must also submit 100 teaching hours that were completed after their RYS 200 or 500 training."
 4201 Wilson Blvd #600
 Arlington, VA 22203

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