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Tips for parents of special education students | Somerville-Branchburg, NJ

Tips for parents of special education students

by Steve Reed on Nov 15th Comment Print | Email

School budgets are being squeezed and districts throughout New Jersey are looking to cut expenses.

But they can’t make certain decisions -- such as where special education students go to school -- solely on the basis of cost, said Evelina E.G. Padilla, an attorney with Hinkle, Fingles & Prior, a firm specializing in disabilities law.

Padilla spoke to about 12 parents and grandparents of special education students on Monday night at The Midland School, a Branchburg school that educates students with learning disabilities from 5 to 21 years old. She focused on the rights of parents and students in a time of cost-cutting by school districts.

"Let's face it - the districts are getting hammered,'' said Philip Gartlan, executive director of Midland. He said the parents of two children at the school recently fought district changes to their children's education plans.

Many parents may feel they have little or no control over the services that their kids receive. Many are intimidated by the prospect of "taking on" the system or the expense of hiring an attorney.

This article sheds some light on options you have as a parent when changes are made to a childs services that you do not agree with.

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