Sunday, December 26, 2010

100 Ways To A Stress Free Christmas - by Dumb Little Man

Christmas is traditionally a time of year when we enjoy ourselves, we let our hair down and are a little more relaxed. At least that's the way it's meant to be. For a lot of people however, it's a stressful time of year. There's the shopping to do, there's the list of cards for all the family; god forbid we don't send Aunt Betty a card, there's the dinner to buy, there's work to do, there's family to contact, there's a hundred and one things to do.

Well here is a list of things you can do to relax and enjoy yourself a little more:

  1. Set A budget
    It's easy to get carried away buying Christmas presents. Set a budget and stick to it.

  2. Make A List
    Make a list of every single person you need to buy a present for. Keep it safe and tick off as you buy.

  3. Write A little A Day
    From now until maybe the 14th December, write your cards out, maybe 5 per day. No need to stress about getting all of them done at the same time.

  4. Address labels
    Get someone to put all your names and addresses from your address book into a spreadsheet and then print off your labels. You can pay your son, daughter, niece or nephew to do this for you.

  5. Don't Send Out of Guilt
    If you are sending cards or presents out of guilt, don't. Don't just send because you feel obliged to, cut out this practice and send who you want to send to.

  6. Wrap Presents The Same Night
    As you buy your presents make it a practice to wrap them the same night. This way you will not feel overwhelmed at having to wrap them all at the same time.

  7. Enroll The Kids Into Wrapping
    Kids love Christmas so why not get them involved more into helping you do the tedious time consuming part of Christmas like wrapping the presents.

  8. Fill Up Your Freezer Now
    There's always specials on this time of year but beware as the prices will probably go up again just before Christmas.

  9. Get Into The Christmas Spirit
    It can be quite stressful but remembering that Christmas is a fun time for everyone, or should be, so get into the spirit and plays Christmas CDs, go to Panto's, or see the Christmas nativity.

  10. Make Homemade Gifts
    Making homemade gifts can be a great way to personalize your presents and save you a bit of money. If you're at all arty or can cook why not make presents this year.


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