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Nurses: Believe What They Tell You in Nursing School, A Nurse Does Make a Difference | BonnieRN Blog

My world, in geriatric care management, primarily consists of interacting with many health care technicians, non-degree workers, and varied professionals. So, saying this another way, most of my contacts are not nurses. I can tell you, more than weekly, I must explain to those in the field of social and care-giving support, how beneficial it is to have a nurse on the team or committee for decision making. I still get surprised that family is often unaware that a trained and registered nurse is not a part of the team when very serious medical choices are being reviewed for their loved one.  A nurse on the health care team is a natural advocate for the patient.

It is true, and is what I was taught, that the nurse is the last line of deffense (often) for a patient in a facility (or elsewhere). Nurses, know when to contact physicians when there is a concern, check physician orders after they are written, call for questions, order the medication (if needed) from the pharmacy, and verify that it has been delivered and administer the medication (or intervention) to the patient. In home support, nurses assess, support the patient in physician monitoring, and implement change (usually via contacting the physician) when it is needed.

So, the next time a health care team approaches you or asks for a meeting, be sure to include the RN on the team. That RN is a built in advocate for the patient, the family, and will monitor the success of the intervention.

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