Friday, May 4, 2012

Hush, Hush…Keep It Down Now, Voices Carry, @Emergiblog, #nurseup #amandatrujillo

Hush, Hush…Keep It Down Now, Voices Carry, @Emergiblog, #nurseup #amandatrujillo:”The thing that bothers me most about the Amanda Trujillo case; the thing that makes me furious when I stop and think of everything surrounding it, is this belief that a nurse accused is required to, pardon my bluntness, keep their mouth shut.
Now, let me try and work this out…
Anyone can place a complaint with a Board of Nursing.
For any reason, any motive. In this case it was Banner Del E. Webb Medical Center who filed the complaint with the Arizona Board of Nursing.
This complaint is public record. The fact that you have a complaint on file with the Arizona BON, and the date it is filed is public record.
But…ask the Arizona Board of Nursing for a copy, and you are told you cannot disclose what the complaint says. Can’t fax it. Can’t copy it. Can’t quote it.
Keep your mouth shut.”


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