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The Nurse and The Golden Goose – Guest Post by Carol Gino RN, @hopefulhealer @cgino8 #nurseup #nursefriendly #nursing #healthcare

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The Nurse and The Golden Goose – Guest Post by Carol Gino RN, @hopefulhealer:”When I was working the night shift, one of my patients- a 44 year old man, had just gone for an angiogram. He had been brought back to the floor afterwards, but began hemorrhaging from his femoral artery. I’d added pressure dressings, laid on heavier sandbags, and then called the intern.
The intern took a while to get to the floor and all the while the patient kept bleeding heavily. When the intern just shook his head and did nothing, I called his resident. When the resident didn’t respond, I called the attending. Now I knew I was in big trouble. It didn’t matter that the patient’s blood pressure was 60/40 by the time I called, it mattered that I had broken protocol.
Because I knew this Directress of Nursing was good and fair, when she called me into her office, I decided to try to listen to her with an open mind, even though the whole thing made no sense to me.
She was sitting at her big oak desk and she hardly looked up as she waved her hand, indicating that I should sit in the chair across from her.”

Carol Gino, RN, BS, MA, Starwater Press, aaha!Books, @hopefulhealer @cgino8 New York, Texas Nurse Authors, Nursing Publishers, Nursing Entrepreneurs, Nurse-Owned Businesses:”Star Water Press, LTD. is a publishing company I formed in 1987 in order to publish angel books and other ”alternative” titles that would have taken too long to get published (at the time) at a traditional or commercial publishing house.
I incorporated aaha!Books,LLC in 2010 when I moved to Texas to reprint my previously published books as well as other books in ebooks and other digital media. It is also the company from which I run and My team works at both. aaha!books publishes books ”Help for Hard Times, clear and simple-small books of big ideas” Star Water Press is for publishing books both in print and new media”
We have two addresses.
Star Water Press LTD. is in Amityville, NY, 11701
aaha! Books, LLC is in Texas
Street Address: 173 KLBJ Rd. Smithville, Texas, 78957
E-mail Address: or

The Nurse’s Story by Carol Gino:”Do you still feel the passion to Help? Can you still see the miracles? or Are you exhausted by Burnout? Suffering Compassion Fatigue? National Bestseller! This book is a moving and important affirmation of courage. Of the power of Love and of tragedy redeemed by compassion. Here is a book that will shatter forever your casual assumptions about medicine, doctors, and especially about nurses.”


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