Saturday, May 5, 2012

Largest National Nurses Union Opposes Mandatory Flu Vaccination as Condition of Employment #nursefriendly #nurseup


Largest National Nurses Union Opposes Mandatory Flu Vaccination as Condition of Employment #nursefriendly #nurseup:”NNU maintains the position that every RN should be vaccinated against the flu, but cautions against placing an over-reliance upon vaccination as a means to fully stem transmission. Doing so could put RNs, other healthcare workers, and patients at an increased risk of infection. Issues such as vaccination supply and efficacy make it such that the vaccine cannot be relied upon to exclusively provide adequate protection from the flu virus.
“I work at a hospital that currently has a seasonal flu mandatory vaccine policy, and I know from experience that this kind of punitive policy only fosters resentment on the part of the bed-side caregivers and is only 59 percent effective,” said Rajini Raj, an RN who works at Washington Hospital Center in the medical cardiology unit, and who will be speaking against the mandatory requirement on behalf of NNU.”
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