Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Nursing Associations: Please Issue Position statements on the #AmandaTrujillo, RN #nurseup #nursefriendly

NurseFriendly posted an update right now

Nursing Associations: Please Issue Position statements on the Amanda Trujillo, RN:”We respectfully request that Nursing Associations Issue Position statements on the Amanda Trujillo, RN & Del E. Webb Medical Center, Sun City, Arizona situation.
Nurses who pay association dues every year. If you were in Amanda’s position, would your professional nursing association Support You?
For Amanda the answer from the American Nurses Association, Arizona Nurses Association was a resounding NO! Go get a lawyer they said.
When they fired Amanda Trujillo, RN and filed charges against her with the Arizona State Board of Nursing in retaliation for Patient Advocacy, they sent a chilling message to Patient & Healthcare Advocates everywhere. She was fired because she angered the wrong doctor, something that can happen to any nurse on a given day.”



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Kindly sign our petitions:

Petition: Amanda Trujillo, RN & Banner Del E. Webb Medical Center, Sun City, Arizona: Position Statements Requested


Petition: Arizona State Board of Nursing: Remove Amanda Trujillo’s nursing license from ”under investigation” status | Change.org

http://www.change.org/ ​petitions/​arizona-state-board-of-nursing-​ remove-amanda-trujillo-s-nursi​ng-license-from-under-investig​ ation-status

Contribute to Amanda’s Legal Defense Fund:


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