Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Nurse Advises "Reconsider Choice of Physicians" An Nurse's Ethical Dilemma. Robert W. Stein, III, RN, MSHA, CHE, #nurseup

Nurse Advises "Reconsider Choice of Physicians" An Nurse's Ethical Dilemma. Robert W. Stein, III, RN, MSHA, CHE, LNC:"In this case the nurse providing patient care noted a decline in the patient's condition, evidenced by weight loss, hallucinations, psychiatric symptoms, and acute distress. The findings were documented and attempts were made to contact the attending physician. The attending physician, however, failed to return any of telephone messages.
As the patient's condition continued to deteriorate, the patient's family asked for the nurse's advice about what should be done for the patient. The nurse suggested that they "reconsider the choice of physicians."
The facility promptly fired the nurse after learning of the advice she had given to the patient's family. The nurse brought suit for wrongful termination arguing that as a Registered Nurse she was obligated to provide "teaching and counseling" to her patients and their families."



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