Friday, October 11, 2013

Reversing Nursing Fatigue by Renee Thompson @RTConnections #Nurseup, #NursesToFollow #Nursing

Reversing Nursing Fatigue by Renee Thompson @RTConnections:"Imagine a world where everyone got along and went out of their way to support each other. A world where resources where abundant…In my world I have my own private resource room with a magic golden key…and when I opened the magic door, there would be a team of people and any supply I could possibly need…In my room I would have an IT person to fix any computer problem, a pharmacist with my missing meds, and a team of nursing assistants, physical therapists and physicians all waiting for my next command…”Renee…how can we be of service to you today?”

Imagine a world where learning took place at the speed of light…Do you remember in the movie the Matrix when Neo and Trinity were on the roof…Neo asked her if she could fly the helicopter and Trinity said, “Not yet.” And with one phone call, had the helicopter program downloaded into her brain and then said, “I can now.” Wouldn’t it be nice to have that capability when learning a new EHR, new pumps, new equipment, treatment, meds, etc."
RTConnections, LLC
Renee Thompson
146 Aidan Ct. Pittsburgh, PA 15226
412 . 445 . 2653

Thank you for the great post Renee Thompson
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