Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Nurse Sued For "Too Many Sticks" How Many Attempts Is Too Many? #Nurseup #Nursefriendly #Nursing

Nurse Sued For "Too Many Sticks" How Many Attempts Is Too Many?:"Summary: Starting Intravenous Lines and Performing Venipunctures are basic nursing skills in the Acute Care or Hospital settings. In this case, a female patient would accuse a male nurse of negligence and causing a resulting injury when he needed three attempts to successfully start an intravenous catheter.

The female patient came to the hospital with vague complaints of abdominal pain and was evaluated in the Emergency Department. The physician’s orders for treatment included intravenous medications for which a line would need to be started.

“Up to 90% of patients who require health care services need some form of I.V. therapy. Unfortunately, many hospitals have done away with I.V. teams, so you may be responsible for inserting and maintaining I.V. lines even if you're inexperienced or have limited opportunities to keep your skills sharp."



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