Saturday, December 7, 2013

Saying Goodbye Is Never Easy, Michelle Podlesni, RN, @Mpodlesni, #nurseup #parenting #children

Saying Goodbye Is Never Easy, Michelle Podlesni, RN, @Mpodlesni:"Can a child ever have enough stuffed animals? Everyone, including us bought our daughter endearing stuffed toys that were soft and cuddly. Of course there were those that the baby has to have next to them so they can fall asleep. I remember one time while working in the hospital that a family drove over an hour to visit their father that happened to be one of my patients. I received the panicked phone call around 10:00PM, “Could you please check my father’s bed because our daughter left Ellie with Papa, Ellie is our daughter’s stuffed elephant?” Turns out when they left Papa’s room to get a snack, their daughter had put Ellie under the covers so Papa wouldn’t get lonely until they returned, but then she had forgotten about it."
Michelle Podlesni, RN
Unconventional Nurse
8941 Atlanta Avenue / Suite 202
Huntington Beach, CA 92646



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