Monday, January 29, 2018

Why #NursesTakeDC 2018? Julie Godby-Murray, RN @opeiu459nurses Rally Speaker

"I used to talk to young people who didn’t know what direction they should take in a career. I would always say “Have you ever thought about being a nurse?” Now I don’t want to encourage anyone to go into nursing as I see the discouragement on so many nurses faces  now.

How can I tell them that it is fulfilling to help people through the healing process when the consistent short staffing doesn’t allow them to care for patients in a safe way. I will now protest, march, contact legislators until we can get safe staffing legislation passed for everyone.

I believe we are the ones that have to make this happen. As a strong union activist I have seen how nurses can stand together in solidarity and make it happen. I support the SMYS movement as it is a grassroots movement that has been able to bring nurses together. See you in DC!"

NursesTakeDC 2018 details here:

Julie has been in working in healthcare for over 40 years. She actively promotes her Union OPEIU who support nurse patient ratios as the Vice Chair of the OPEIU International Nurses Council and as Chief Steward for Local459 Nurses In Lansing Mi. She also is a member of a Nurses Honor Guard that pays tribute to nurses at the time of their death.

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