Saturday, January 27, 2018

Why #NursesTakeDC 2018? Pamela Sue Robbins, MSN, RN, Past President Illinois Nurses Association

"NursesTakeDC2018 is an opportunity for nurses to share successful strategies, tools and messaging to educate federal legislators on the value nurses bring to improving the public's health.  Join us in DC April 25 and 26 and be a change agent on the trajectory of healthcare reform by educating legislators that adequate numbers of nurses caring for patients saves lives."

Pamela Sue Robbins, MSN, RN, Past President Illinois Nurses Association

Biography source:

"Pam graduated from Saint Joseph Hospital School of Nursing in 1978. She has worked as a staff nurse in the PACU acute care and ambulatory setting for many years.  As a member of her professional state nursing organization, Pam served as a collective bargaining unit chair developing contract language. Pam was elected serving on the state professional nursing association Board, eventually elected Illinois Nurses Association President and has been deeply involved in Government Relations, fashioning and lobbying legislation for almost two decades.  Pam’s passion is awakening the professional nurse to their political power – enlightening them on the current legislation that will impact their nursing profession and the public’s health – and encourage them to become politically active as a nurse constituent advising their legislators on how to vote on health policy in Springfield. She received her BSN degree from the University of Saint Francis (USF) in 2007, and in 2013 graduated from USF with her Master’s Degree in Nursing Administration.  Pam is adjunct professor Millikin University in Decatur teaching graduate nurse anesthetist students Health Policy and Politics. Pam served as an Illinois Healthcare Action Coalition Leadership (IHAC) sub-committee chair developed and presented with nationally recognized speakers the IHAC 2015 two-part series webinar Nurses to the Boardroom! In 2015, Pam was a consultant serving as a thought leader on two of the three workgroups for the national project, Value of Nursing. Three focused workgroups were developed around the key components: a clear definition of the value of nursing that can be shared with the healthcare industry and the public, development of a business case for the utilization of the RN and development of a licensing certification competency crosswalk for the inter-professional team."


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