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Why #NursesTakeDC 2018? Doris Carroll BSN, RN-BC, CCRC @DorisCarrollRN: Nurses. This is our watershed moment.

"Nurses. This is our watershed moment. Yet, it’s more than that. It’s a grassroots movement to fight towards a common goal. 

You must make a decision. Do you want to be a part of history? Can you afford not to? This is an absolute truth. You have the power. Together we can fight to pass federal legislation to mandate nurse:patient ratios for patient and nurse safety. Remember. It’s your life. And your loved ones."

Doris speaking at #NursesTakeDC 2017

"Doris Carroll BSN, RN-BC, CCRC

Doris Carroll BSN, RN-BC, CCRC is an RN from the Midwest, with a background in OB/GYN, NIH clinical trials, Infectious Diseases, and Primary Care for Adults and Children. Doris started her career in Labor and Delivery, and left that position in the early 90’s to pursue a rare opportunity in the clinical research space. Doris says, “I left inpatient nursing in 1992 when I had the opportunity to work on the cutting edge of NIH research with pregnant women with HIV infection. I loved it, but it was very challenging. Many tears shed back then for our patients. Many died due to little treatment options in the early days of HIV infection. However, those women who enrolled in clinical trials were very brave. They took AZT vs. placebo in a double blind study, 5 times/day! Their participation led to nationwide benchmarks for the standard of care for the treatment of HIV infection in women and children.”

About ten years ago, Doris changed career paths again to the outpatient setting. Delivering nursing care between two services, Infectious Disease and Primary Care services for Adults and Children. Doris recounts, “I love the continuity this position provides in caring for my patients,” she says, “and the opportunity to make a difference in their lives.” She now is an Administrative Nurse for those clinics.
Published co-author for several articles, book chapter, and poster presentations throughout her 34 years in the nursing profession, Nurse and Patient advocacy has played a more important role in her career the last 4 years.
“I work nationally with a group of highly dedicated nurses with the same passion for patient safety. Similarly, I am now the Vice President of the Illinois Nurses Association, a Nurses’ Union, and a Vice President Affliate for Illinois AFL-CIO, as well as the Chief Co-Steward at my local hospital of 1200 nurses. I am grateful for the opportunities my nursing career has provided for me. I love what I do. My message to you…Stand up, Speak up, and MAKE A DIFFERENCE!”
As a co-organizer for SMYS/Nurses Take DC since 2016, “I share my hopes and dreams with you now. You and I will need to continue the work of passing legislation for Nurse:Patient Ratios at the state and federal level, the only way to protect our patients, our loved ones…and nurses!”
Doris is also a single mother of teenagers. And cats. And one gecko. Enough said."


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