Thursday, November 11, 2010

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Learning you have cancer is scary and confusing enough.

Thinking about how you'll manage to keep your job during cancer treatment adds another layer of worry and stress.

A three-part series in Network, MD Anderson's newsletter for patients, survivors and caregivers, is exploring ways to cope with your job after a cancer diagnosis.

From deciding whom to tell (or whether to disclose your diagnosis at all) to making a plan to deal with job responsibilities, to knowing your legal rights, the series aims to be relevant and meaningful.

marisaramirez_network1.jpgThe first article, in Network's summer issue, featured cervical cancer survivor Marisa Ramirez, who found her job a refuge in a time of uncertainty.

"I really didn't know who I was going to be as a cancer patient. But I knew how to go to work Monday through Friday, doing media relations for Interfaith Ministries," she recalls.

"I put my back up against that, and it helped me be more positive."

Ramirez says her coworkers offered prayers and support, but "followed my lead" when it came to dealing with her illness.


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